Saturday, May 29, 2010
Escapade and Rock!

A short escapade to Genting
Had Fun
Nice cool air

Went to VR1 Cafe at Damansara Intan with baby girl today
Found out local scenes are pretty good
Rock is still alive babeh
And Inverted Coma Rocks!
They're seriously good..

And the best is..
The guitarist is teaching me!
I wanna own like that!!!!!

btw short words..
too lazy to type moar .___.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010
Unpatriotic? You or Me? or Us?

Everyday I read the online news
All I see ill-governing of the country
Yet why do I even bother?
Why do I even care?
I causing more anxiety by worrying about the country's future

Perhaps I'm a Malaysian through and through...
At least for now..
I can't say the same for the future..
Yes I was born and bred here

But to those people who are in other country
Having the time of their lives
Calling people who thinks of leaving the country bad names
Take a good hard look at yourself..
Where the FUCK are you?
IF you're an armchair critic
Please do us all a favor and STFU

I don't deny
I gave lotsa thoughts to migrations
At least I don't pretend to be patriotic
You are a hypocrite for calling people cowards for wanting to leave this country
This country has gone to the dogs..
We're sick of it..
Motherland or not..
Its going down..
And I'm not gonna let it take away my future, or my family's future for that matter

this post wasn't aimed at anybody in particular
the writer just feels frustrated
he reads that people overseas are calling people who migrated from Malaysia as cowards, unpatriotic and the such
the writer lurches from the hypocrisy. period.

Genting Trip Post Coming Soon

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Malaysian Government To Cut Subsidies

Apparently they even hired PR Firms to get the rakyats to warm up to this idea
Let me tell you this
I have no qualms whatsoever about cutting subsidies


That it should only be done as a last resort
As of time of writing
There are so many things that the government can do to decrease the budget deficit


Yep.. The notorious APs
If the government would just STOP giving it for free to the unscrupulous few
If the government sells it on a fair basis (read bidding system)
Imagine the amount of cash the government can get
But no.. they merely just give it away
And that burdens the government and the rakyat..
So screw yourself


Do away with this stupid program
WTF do we need NS for?
Want to Brainwash the teenagers?
No thanks..
We're not Singapore whereby we do not have enough people in the army
Besides.. How the FUCK does picking rubbish equates to fighting better for the country?

There are so many more that can be listed here..
But use your common sense..
Every little thing counts towards the increment of our country's coffers

One more thing tho....
Why the hell do we have to suffer even more
If the government don't know how to handle our money well
Then lets change it
Simple as that
Don't bullshit by saying that the saving on subsidies can lead to more spending on beneficial projects
Hello, those "beneficial projects" you're talking about is a God given right!
We do not have to beg you to implement it
The government of the day is SUPPOSED to implement it

You people in high places have gone too far
You made our lives worse by the day
Yet you are forcing us to cough out even more!
Squeezing every last bit out of us
While you sip champagne in your bloody office

If you cannot handle it..
GTFO that's all I have to say
Change the government

I still suspect this is a ploy to earn more revenue for yourself
In the end.. you win.. we loose..
really man.. GTFO..
I hope you guys will rot in hell for everything you done on earth
May it be multiplied multi-fold on you in hell

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Was sitting at BJ mamak
Suddenly this bunch of gang whacked someones bike
Sorta like 6 on 1 or something

Drama wei lol
No idea who's fault
But still sorta ruin the night a little lar...
Next time fight..
Please go to somewhere where there is nobody please

Still need to find cash cow =_=

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Friday, May 21, 2010
WTF Cash Cow!

Tiffie is finally back with me
And she is giving me hell of a time keeping me busy!
She is so cute despite her naughtiness
And I found out that she really really loves to emo like her mummy
And she is such an attention seeker!
And she loves to sulk =____=

My lil baby =D

Just started my guitar lessons
And everything is awesome..
Practicing as much as possible
Trying to get my notes right and alternate picking

I kinda feel bad that I'm sorta dependent so much on Baby girl this few days
The guitar really made me broke ><
Tough having no reserves...
Feels like I "sek yuen fan" =________=
Work is gonna change that
Gonna spend some cash on family and baby
And buy some stuff that I want to add on to my guitar (=
I can't believe I'm gonna spend my last few months in Malaysia working
But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do
Will try to be out as much as possible at night and weekends
And baby found my secret out wtf -_-
Fine lo.. no more surprise grarz!
That's for being naughty and busy body
But I still love you =D

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Exams are over..
And now I have to interview for a job
This world is really cruel
It just wouldn't work without cash =s
But anyhow..
Wish me luck..
Getting job means I can do so much more
Firstly, taking my family out for a good dinner
Bring Baby Girl eat nice food for her birthday
(psst- Her birthday falls on the 3rd of June)

After that i have to finance my new gears needed
Boss DS-1 Pedal (or maybe a multi-effect one)
Setup my guitar for a better smoother play
Maybe pay half for my guitar lessons instead of pushing it all on my mum?

Speaking of the classes
I can't wait to get started
I want to learn about the scales
How to play properly
(actually how to play like A7X and Slash =p)
Classes will start this Tuesday
And subsequently every Monday =D

And I can't wait for my UOL friends to finish exams...
Then we can all go out for a nice outing
And of course there's results day..
Hopefully I get what I expect

Signing off

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Temptations Temptation Temptations

Why does so many good stuff creep up when I'm broke
I was browsing
And there it was..

RM700 for:
1) Ibanez GRG170DX
2) Line 6 Spider III
3) Zoom G1X Pedals

k... I might not be a guitar pro
But anything to do with Line 6 brand
Its bound to be good no?

I mean..
Just look at the Line 6 pod, and Line 6 pod XT Live!
Shit.. good stuff man..
And for those who know me
They would know that I've been hunting around for a pedal
Preferably the Boss DS-1 Distortion
But its too pricey..
So been scouting for a 2nd hand one..
To date.. none..

See la..
With all that in mind
Baby's birthday coming up
Have to belanja mum lunch (belated mothers day lol)
FML -_-

Can I ask you why sometimes life is so unfair?
If good people rich I'm still okay
Why do I see some bastards being so frickin rich
While good people suffer
(kla.. I'm not suffering but still wtf right?)

Is it okay if I go out and buy 1 lottery
Just one lottery...
And you help me strike? -______-
(Feels like I'm testing God)

With ranting done..
I've just messaged that guy asking him how much for the pedal alone
Hopefully it isn't too expensive...
Choice between a pedal and a good amp..
Both also needed..
My current amp giving so much buzzing sounds
That I feel like destroying it =s

I think I'm going to need a job..
Any recommendations?
Minimum salary RM1000
And no I'm not over asking
That's what I was paid in my last job

Either that
Or can Nuffnag please give me some money?
All I need to do is bare some boobs right?
I mean.. we see lotsa sluts whore-ing their body away
Albeit in a digitalized manner.. and getting rich

All one needs to do is unbutton 3 top buttons
Pose sexily
Wait for idiotic guys (guilty of the same) to visit my blog
Ask them to click my ads
Give them a flying kiss
And let them wank themselves to heaven at my pictures?

Oh.. wait..
I'm not a girl
But I mean seriously la..
Whats with girls who blog
With more fucken pictures than words
And most pictures are usually sexy and shit

Here I am..
Blogging some actual common sense
Blogging on reviews
Blogging on political views
Those bitches earns more than what I can actually dream off online
Is that fair?
Whatever happened to quality reading?
What? People only read eh sorry
I mean do people nowadays only look at sexy pictures and wank?

Sad la...
But this how the cruel world works..
I've long stopped trying to understand it..
The rich gets richer..
The poor gets poorer
The rich also gets poorer due to unintelligible management
The poor MIGHT get richer by luck and 200% of hard work
Is there any fairness in this?

A good example would be..
A rich man son..
Father being so rich, gave 10% of his wealth to his son to start a business..
The son will fool around with 5% of the wealth
(cars, girls, lifestyle etc)
He then proceeds to open a chain of franchise restaurant (Paparich, Old Town)
At one corner of a busy street
Expensive yes, Overheads high, yes
But so what?
His dad is rich
And after 2-3 years, his business breaks through
He gets richer

Compare to that of a poor man

No capital to start up business
No money to gain education
He goes no where
He stays poor

Compare with a middle class man
He has decent education
Starts up a business via capital saved over 5 years of hard work
He can only afford the shop lot next to the rich man...
And couldn't afford to get a franchise licence
Long run, he looses out to the rich man
He just couldn't sustain the overheads
He closes down shop
Lost over 5 years worth of savings

The rich man might not be particularly bright
Who needs to when all you need to do is wait till your business gives you a profit
All you need to do is outlast your opponent who are not as well to do as you

If you can still fail and loose your wealth as a rich man or his son
You are stupid man...

How did I get from guitar amps and pedals to this rant?
3am works funnily for me
I do lots of critical thinking of life at 3am..
FML.. better to sleep right?

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Saturday, May 8, 2010
The Different Hairstyles of mine -_- And Happy Mothers Day!

As I was going to post this..
Mothers' Day crept up
So it is only right that I post these first =D

Dearest Mum,
Happy Mothers Day!
I might not have the money to buy you a nice Coach Bag
Nor do I have the money to buy you a spanking new BMW

(K fine.. so this is not a BMW but w/e)

Or a house and a boat such as this

But from the bottom of my heart
Happy Mothers' Day
I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much
(kla not that short.. can go on longer but waste space =D)
Have faith in me
I'll do my best for my exams =D

And here is my Mother~!

(I could only get her a vintage bicycle and I shall call it Bicycle Mobile Water-resistant [BMW geddit? geddit?])

Sorry my PS skills sucks

Lotsa love from us!

Especially Dad!

(ooookaaaayy :rollseyes:)

That done...
I was running through a couple of folders..
And I was shocked at how many types of Hairstyles I went through
Okay nothing serious such as Mohawk or skin
But man... from the day I left High School

This was me in High School

And for some reason..
It grew really long?


Tried parting the other way

(okay.. shit I didn't know I had so many styles in 2007 -_-)

My first re-bonding

LoL- Testing head gear (failed)

And it kept growing and growing

(was asked to be model for someone -_-)
*she needs to learn how to cover up bad skin = me fml T_T


Ahaha this shit is hilarious

And then ...
It grew longer again
(I swore I told my high school teacher my hair is out of control)
Nah here is the proof! KNS -_-

In 2009!
(only got 1 lol.. others are too obscure.. can't see)

2010.. Stayed all the way this way
Till =_=
I got bored and sick of the fringe getting in the way
I went and chopped it off

At first the hairstylist was like
Are you sure?
Not many students cut their fringe the way you want it to be cut
And I told him
Yeah screw it..
I've been there and done that
Time for some normality

(It's longer now.. looks better than in the picture haha)
Gonna do some cam-whoring after exams =D

I'm done with long hair =_=
Too hard to maintain..
kinda like it short now
Easier to style as well =D

Might leave it to the point in 2009
(Kinda like that style)

And I'm a die hard of Yan Ya Lun's hairstyle @_@

Damn yeng right?
Initially I wanted this hairstyle
But the fella helped me cut my fringe too short edy babi bangang lol

Wish me luck in the next hair cut.. maybe 3 months down the road lol

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Friday, May 7, 2010

So 1 week since my exam started
Did some stupid stuffs
Like going to college for exams when I have none on that day

Have high hopes for my Tort
Have okay hopes for my Trust
Now for the killer-Evidence
Then happy go lucky Land Law (but still need to study)

Baby Girl is the best
Always finds me for lunch
Or bringing me lunch when I can't get any
Sucks being the only one capable of responsibility where I am..
I wish the other 2 would grow some..
I'm not saying that I have hell lotsa responsibilities
But I have more than them imo...

Had ulcer on my lips
And now I'm sleepy as hell...

p/s- iPod Shuffle 4gb 3g Silver still up for grabs -_-

pp/s- btw why does my sentences gets shorter and shorter?
feels like song lyrics wtf

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Monday, May 3, 2010
How Exams Damages The Brains

Its bad for the brains I tell you
For the life of me..
I don't phucking get exams..

I mean come on
As lawyers we'll be standing in court with a bloody OPEN book!
So wtf do we have to close books and stress our brains out?

Back to topic..
I left my wallet in my pants
And the pants went into the washing machine
That's how severe my brain was damaged by exams
FML -_-

Be back more often after exams..

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Saturday, May 1, 2010
Hello: Say Hi To My Special II

No she is not my new GF..
Joanne is still my GF =D

Jessie is my new wife
She is a Les Paul of Epiphone make
She is the Special Edition II

Special II

She has a Mahogany neck
Inlaid into that neck is piece of rosewood fingerboard
Giving it a sleek feel to it while playing
The body is that of alder and maple combined
Finished with a glossy ebony color

This is her in her finest (=

She is simple..
Really simple..
2 knobs
1 for tone
1 for volume
Together with a 3 way switch
Yet promises the finest quality at its level

2 humbucking pickups
Provides for the best quality sound for its range
Scores of reviews have praised this guitar as the best of its price range
Of course if you're looking for something of Gibson level
Be prepared to pay for Gibson level price (=
A Chrome Tune-O-Matic bridge gives it an elegant finish

My Impression

My first action was to simulate the distortion on my amp
Turned the gains to the highest
Turned up the bass and treble
Tweak the presence

On my Special II
Increased the Tone
And voila.. There you have it..

I've tried it on my Pacifica..
But yet it did not sound anything rock-ish or metal-ish
But the moment I strummed it
I was stunned =D
Happeh happeh happeh!

The sound was crazily awesome
It was like.. what I heard on radios..
And I couldn't stop playing (maybe cuz new toilet bowl =D)

For advanced beginners I really recommend this guitar
Simply because its the best for its price range
RM7xx (not going to tell the price.. you gotta ask the person I dealt with)
If you don't believe me
Try google-ing for it's review!

You won't be disappointed =D

Thanks to Deadeyeguitars
If you want to buy guitars online
He is the guy to go to
Very responsible seller
Keeps his word and replies sms pretty fast

Thanks to Thanks to BabyGirl
For accompanying me all the way to the curve
Missing breakfast till 2pm (according to her -______-)

I am going to have fun with this guitartonight
FML Exams wtf.. can only really mess with it after exams..
Ohhhh and going to take classes after exams
Unless someone pro in shredding/solos wanna teach me for free?
*wet puppy eyes*

p/s-wallet is still stinging from purchase T_T

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