Saturday, June 26, 2010
Wheeee =D

I'm happy today..

My pay is in
My headphone is in
My Slash Tickets are in

Someone COD-ing for IpodShuffle today =D
Thank You God =D

Sorry la..
A little blur..
Nub cameraman with nub camera )=

My Guitar "Amp" while I am in UK

Looks pretty good eh?
Lets just hope the sound is just as good

Hustle Up!

Slash Ticketssss rawrrrrr

2.. 1 for baby and 1 for me

Cuteness galore warning o.O

My friend's Chinchilla

Damn kyute right? =D

My name is BUI BUI
(I think that's how they spell it ._.)
And I love to pose =D

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Friday, June 25, 2010
Toilet "Meditation" Cubicle

I always get my inspiration in the toilet

When work gives you hell
It's the toilet
When I'm tired and in need of a 5 minutes shut eye
It's the toilet
When I need to re-look and assess what I have achieved so far..
It's the toilet

No joke man..
It's a personal space =o
Whenever I'm too tired
I always go to the toilet cubicle in the office
Sit on the cover and take a quick wink
Really boosts me up

And whenever I feel I'm not accomplishing anything
I go to the toilet
Whip out my mobile phone
Look at the list of things I want to buy with my salary
And I get that extra "oomph" to do it

*only happens when I'm working though
On other days, I just can't bring myself to that "meditative" level
Thank god the toilets at Allianz are pretty clean lol

Oh well.. 8 more weeks to go...
Or so ._.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010
When Soon and Later gets Mis-used

I uber duper hate it when words gets misused
No I don't mean misused in the "meaning" kind of way
What I mean is
When people use it to procrastinate.

Don't get me wrong..
I'm not against it when you really need to use it
But when you use it to escape responsibilities
I think you have a problem with life

Everybody uses it sometimes
Myself included
So no, this is not a "holier-than-thou" post
*After this, I'll kill anybody who says "You're not so perfect yourself"
I'm guilty of it as well
I use it to escape sometimes

But when one uses it to the point
It becomes annoying or hateful even
Then that's where the problem is

When someone uses "later"
It means that he/she will do it in say a span of 5 minutes or maybe 2-3 hours
Depending on what it is and its priority
Say for example

"A's mum asks A to bring the clothes back in...
The sun is still shining and its a hot day,
A says later"

By all means, I feel that the usage of the word is justified in that scenario
Of course it should be followed by the action of doing what he said he would do!

"A later went out and brought the clothes back in"

Then the usage of the word is perfectly justified!

Now take another scenario

"B's mum asks B to clean up after her OWN pet's poop
B said later or soon.
5 hours later and after 329482942 nags from her mum
B finally does it"

This is the situation where I am utterly disgusted at the way the word was used

I mean, I don't know how many of you have pets
But when pets litter or pee in the house,
For some reason the surrounding floor becomes sticky
It's uncomfortable
This is where priority comes in
If you're not saving a life,
Would 5 minutes, spared to clean up the mess,

a) Kill you?
b) Make you loose 1 whole bloody chapter of that book you're reading?
*There is such thing called a bookmark you know ._.
c) Miss an entire scene of the movie you are watching on your laptop
*There is such a thing called the "pause button" on the video player.. Use it dimwit!

Heck even if you're rushing your assignments
Would it fail you to spare 5 minutes to do it?

This is not the entire problem mind you
When done often enough,
People starts to get sick of that "soon" or "later" word
To the point where even if its justified to use it
People tend to get impatient

That asshole, B, just made life more difficult for her siblings
To me, that person knows nothing about prioritizing goals in life
Short term or long term, it doesn't frickin' matter
He/She just does NOT know how to. period.
*best example, Party/trip with friends over Driver's License classes
**Thats fuckin' Imba I tell you...

Why do I say that?
When you procrastinate with this 2 words long enough
Your "soon" and "later" no longer holds any value
Those two words denotes that you do not wish to do it
And you're procrastinating indefinitely
That's when the nagging comes
And when nagging comes, people become stressed
When people become stressed they do crazy things
*I eat people when I stressed .__.

Now when other people uses the "two-words-which-must-not-be-said"
People tend to remember the second scenario
It's easy to forgive, but hard to forget!
And that's why I said, that A-Hole, B, just made life difficult for everyone!

Speaking of responsibilities,
I also tend to hate people who does not have any sense for responsibilities
I also know it don't matter who I hate
But think of it as a general hate
I'm willing to bet my ass that this problem annoys almost everyone
Except for those with the same shitty attitude
If I'm wrong you can screw my ass with anything you like
I doubt I am though

If you want to keep a pet
You are responsible to it
You do NOT just leave it there upon buying it
You're responsible for his well being even when it is no longer cute
Or cuddly or funny

Once in a while, yes it is okay we stand in for you
When you are busy or something *genuinely of course*
Don't tell me to bathe your dog when you're watching drama or shit
Or wipe your dog's poop or pee pee when you're munching on snacks in your room

Sure that's the family dog
But don't forget, love and affection aside,
Ultimately you are the one who "adopted" him
You are ultimately responsible
Dad shouldn't have to pick his poop up!
Dad shouldn't be the one laying newspaper on the floor
Dad shouldn't be the one wiping the floor after he leaves a mess


Where on earth is your sense of responsibilities?
I'm telling you now and here that you are a failure at responsibilities
If you have any sense of humility left in you
You should immediately take up your duty as the owner of your pet
And start cleaning after him.

No point buying cards or making cards for dad for fathers' day
When you are giving him so much things to do
What he wants is for you to be more responsible

No I'm not pot calling the kettle black here
In this sense of pet duties
I feel that it's my responsibility for Tiffie
Not only when she is a cute pup
But also when she is a naughty devil full grown
I clean up after her when she stays over
I bathe her and make sure she has food to eat

I hate people who love pets when they are cute and cuddly and small
But when they are bigger, they just leave them aside
This people ought to be executed.

To that person.
You know I MEAN YOU
Yes YOU!
Don't make me hate you even more than I already do

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Sunday, June 20, 2010
Happy Father's Day and Random Thoughts (as usual)

I also don't know whether to be disappointed or happy with my results
59.5 sounds shit
0.5 more to second upper =s

I can't help but feel a little disgruntled
Could it be that I didn't put in enough effort?
But then.. some people who didn't did pretty good
So what's the deal?

Kk.. I know I sound like some asshole who didn't study
Yet trying to ask why he did worse off than some others
Okay enough bullshitting
More effort for my next and final exams =s


At any rate..
Things are becoming a little weird
There is so many things to be done..
So little time
It's finally time for me to go.. soon..
It's really different when you look at things from this side of the year after you got your results
I finally feel a pang of reluctance to leave
It's not like I'm leaving for good
But there is a tinge of possibility that I might

There are so many things in my head that I want to get rid off
What do I do?
What do I take note of?
Which should I prioritize
How am I leaving?
What method?
Will I be able to adapt?
Can I cope when everything depends on my final exam?
I really don't know
Guess I have to take it one step at a time


KK enough random-ing
Here is a short music video that the youth found
This is for the fathers, the daddies
Psy- Father
싸이 -아버지
Very touching
Will get the lyrics up when I can get someone to do it


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Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Work Work Work then Casshhh ._.

Canon Ixus


Ipod Touch 32Gb

Decisions Decisions Decision..

Will come up with a list of pros and cons next post

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

I hate certain people who does not help themselves
However they expect help in return
Those assholes bullshit a lot
They do not deserve to be alive
Only thing they know how to do is
Burden others around them
Create problems for others

That said it is okay if you are putting in effort to change
Or at least help in reducing the burden
But no...
She plans to go on like that forever..
imo.. what a bitch!

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Updates.. Again?

Guess what Baby Girl bought for me!

Gay I know..
But I'm gonna be lugging it along to UK with me

She says to hug it every night
It represents her
And by hugging her, I'll get sweet dreams
Love you muchie lar baby!

Working life is boring
Its so mundane
Every little thing now seems so fun
Yum cha = awesome now

I can't believe when I stop working
I'll only have 2 weeks left before I leave for UK
I have much plans for myself
Ain't gonna close down any doors just yet
Just open up as many possibilities as possible and see where it leads to

Many people will say I'm dreaming
I'm not realistic
So what?
I try my best
I see where it goes

I know getting a job in the UK is hard
Especially during such times
I only hope that the Olympic Games in 2011 in Manchester will spur the economy

My other plans includes bringing my family over..
I don't wanna leave them back in Malaysia
yaya... call me unpatriotic.. but w/e
And Baby Girl!
You better study hard and join me!
And you better bring Tiffie along..

Speaking of Tiffie,
I'm starting to miss the little bugger now..

look at her lanci face weih!.. *eh I mean Tiffie =D

I can't believe I have no time to bring her back to my house
Working really kills lots of my time
And I can't go online as well =s
Sigh.. 2 weeks to mess around with Tiffie before I leave )=
Oh well at least there is payday...
Which is another 238974394923 days away pfft =s
I wanna:
buy multifxguitarhardcasea7xnightmarealbumbringbabyoutfortreatstakemyfamilyoutfordinneritouch
anyone care to donate? =s pweety pwease?

I wanna sqquuuueeeeezzzzzzzeeeeee her =x

In any case,
Guitar lesson is cool...
Getting better already
Starting to learn songs that I can only dream of learning in the past
Still have much to learn

My awesome guru is teaching me as much as possible
I have to practice more when I get to UK
Speaking of which
Does anybody know if guitar case counts as a carry on?
Does it mean that I will have 2 carry on luggage if I have another backpack?

Oh well...
That said,
My results ain't even out
I'm not really that anxious for some reason
I did my best, I know what I answered
And hopefully my prediction is right
hoping that my average would be +/- 63

Sigh, they are sure as hell taking their own sweet time in marking our papers =s
Oh well, back to stoning awhile before bed time
Then wake up to the same ol' routine


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Friday, June 4, 2010
Burn Out

I'm tired to the max..

So tired that I feel "high" wtf


Surprisingly, the later it gets
The less tired I feel
Had an awesome time last night
Poor baby cried at my surprise
awwww =D

Idk.. where did all the pictures go =_=

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