Saturday, January 30, 2010
Baby Girl 365!

Happy 1st Anniversary Baby!
Much has happened
Yet we struggled on
Thanks for cheering me up when I'm down
Thanks for listening to me rant
Thanks for being such an imperfect GF
No matter how imperfect you are
I still Love you
I am no perfect either
And I hope you will love me for that
And both of us will change for the better
I heart you baby (=



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Thursday, January 28, 2010

So Carefree
Does It Even Exist Anymore?

O Hai
I'm Naughty
But I Look So Innocent
And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!


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Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Life Is A Bitch Move On

Oh wait...
If Life is a bitch
Why not F*** it? o.O

LOL I'm gonna get reprimanded for this
I just know =p

But anyhow..
Life is full of obstacles
Its how you get through (or around) them that matters
When things don't go your way
Improvise (=

You just need a little convincing
Thats all =D
Don't worry
I'm here ^^

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Heart Baby Girl
Something that we tak jadi pakai -_-

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Friday, January 22, 2010

I take everything seriously..
Every action you do
Every minute details
Every single thing

It affects me...
Those things might seem trivial
But it means alot
It signals hell-alot of things too

I really hope you know what you're doing

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Can I Forgo The Wisdom? Puhlease?

I Fucken hate wisdom tooth
Ever have that oh-so-Effing-Painful experience caused by it?
It's like a million knife stabs on your gums and tongue
It is so Effing bad that its affecting my throat

I know..
The pain could be a lot more worse than this
Its still in the growing stage and all
My dentist told me in the last visit that my tooth is growing fine
And if it stays that way, nothing needs to be pulled
However, the right side wisdom tooth is always a pain in the butt
It always hurts at that part
That was the reason why I went to see the dentist too
Oh did I mention that the growing stage of the wisdom tooth hurts?
Yes.. The stage where the teeth grows..
It EFFING hurts!!!!

I've tried almost everything to sooth it
Listering gargles, cold water
Cold milk, rinsing mouth, drinking water

Nothing is helping wtf!!
Every time I swallow my saliva or any other liquid
It hurts like the world is gonna end
Yes.. the damned gums are hurting so bad that it passed the hurt to my throat
I had no appetite for the whole day
It kept me from sleeping yesterday
Gave me a headache
I couldn't concentrate
I had no mood the whole day
Can't smile
Can't talk properly
(I swear, I can't talk properly at the moment even if my life depends on it wtfbbqsauce)
It's so bad that I totally did not have the energy to go to class this morning
Worse of all my mum thought I'm playing truant and this wisdom shit thing
Is just another excuse..
Ouch right?

Some one give me a Desert Eagle so I can blow the damned part that hurts away
Okay fine.. screw the desert eagle thing
Gimme a frigging painkiller )=
Oh I didn't eat.. so I can't take any medicine
FML to the max ptuuiii!!!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010
And Josiah Said: Let it be done!

Ok ok..
I know I'm a little ecstatic about finishing my assignments
Gosh... All the times I've spent doing it
To the point I barely had time to blog =/

Much had happened during my time of absence...
For example... I've gotten myself a new lappie XD
Well.. actually its my mum's money according to her
But anyway the lappie is mine now =D
My old faithful has been promoted for family use XD

Well this are the specs of my new Lappie

Toshiba Satellite L510-S4314
Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo T6600
ATI Radeon HD 4570 512mb dedicated
Windows 7 Home Premium
320Gb HDD

Overall its not too bad
Playing Prototype flawlessly..
Gonna try Assassin's Creed Soon =D

Finally had a "real" yum cha together with Cherish since her arrival home
Not sure when she will be back again (=

*looks at Ah Do..... *slaps forehead

*oh missing in pic is Ps. Charles
And soooo to do him a favor XD hahahaha I've been waiting for this


Poor Baby Girl was down with high fever (viral fever type)
Went from suspected Dengue patient to Out Horses (Chut Ma in Canto)
But she is well enough now and enjoying food again
Going to be our 1st Anniversary soon =D
Remember when we said.. We're gonna start counting years?
No more months baby just years ahead =D

And then there is my upcoming 21st birthday
Aish that one ma-fan like crap hmmm
Still thinking what to do..
Anybody have any ideas?
Drop me an e-mail or let me know on MSN XD
I do have something in mind..
But I'm all ears for more suggestions ^^
Mint Zhet!!!
Draw me some invitation cards puh-leaseeee????

Well.. I guess that about covered everything
I know I have not finished my Australia Post..
However Author is feeling darned lazy
So allow him this brief respite XD
LoL basically he will just repeat the same thing
Cold, Cold, Hot and DAMNed Cold =____=

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Monday, January 11, 2010
OmG oMg

I'm Finally Done With 2 Assignments!
1 More To Go =D


Then 1 Viva
And I'm done as far as assignments goes

Thanks For The Support Baby Girl
And For Screwing Me When I Refuse To Work =D

Jump Start Assignments XD

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Sunday, January 10, 2010
Poor Baby Girl

Poor baby..
She is sick =/
Hopefully she recovers fast

Love ya babeh
Eat your medicine and porridge -.-


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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Police believe Malaysia Today portal editor Raja Petra Kamarudin is still in London and have asked the authorities in the British capital to trace him, inspector-general of police Musa Hassan said.

"Based on intelligence, police believe Raja Petra is still hiding in London and I have asked the authorities there to trace him," he told Bernama.

He said Raja Petra was wanted back in the country to prove his innocence.

Source: Malaysiakini

Okay.. Law 101...
DPP/Prosecutors/AG/Whoever-hell-else PROVES YOUR GUILT!
One is Presumed INNOCENT until PROVEN Otherwise
That is the basic of basics..
General Rule

You take us for what?
I am not supporting Criminals
But this isn't fair
You accuse.. You prove!
RPK accused and he proved!
You charge him with a criminal charge so prove it!
You accuse him of Sedition.. so prove it!

I feel so insulted...
Every ounce of my Intelligence feels insulted
God Help Us All

To Be Read

Malaysia-Today Letter

*Goes to research on how to emigrate...

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Sunday, January 3, 2010
Well I'm Back (=

Well like the title says

I'M HOME SAFE and SOUND! Applause!

Okay that was a little overkill
But yeah..
The journey there
You wouldn't believed it
But I had my first failed landing at Perth International Airport
The pilot had to blast the jets full power and climb again
God it was scarier than a roller-coster ride
Seriously.. I think we fell like 30 storeys before climbing again
Could be less but it felt that way
Hey 233 tonnes of steel dropping isn't a small thing okay!
My dad says it was probably the tower which ordered them to re-land
But I had a feeling the noobcake pilot forgot his landing wheels
And that's why the tower told him to make another round

But yeah..
Overall to sum it all up
Due to lack of time and what not
(I have another assignment due FML)

Summer Isn't Fricken Hot
It's crazy cold most of the time!

The only time it was hot
Was on 2 days maximum in a week
Temperatures would hit 40 degrees outdoors
But under a cool shade..
Maybe around 30 degrees?
Most of the time the temperature would be around
Anywhere from 20-30 degrees
*Note to self; 30 degrees in Australia isn't 30 degrees in Malaysia

Why do I say that?
Malaysia is more humid
You will sweat like a pig in Malaysia
In Australia, you won't notice its 30 degrees
*2nd note to self; More prone to skin cancer in Australia ROFL

Therefore decision not to bring sweater to Australia in Summer
Is a fail decision
Anybody planning to go next year
Please remember to bring them if you don't wanna freeze in the cold wind

Well.. Signing off with some pictures..
Need to hurry back to assignments

Interracial FTL o.O


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