Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Sick Much?

I'm feeling sicky again..
Abit feverish..
Feeling cold aish..
Swine Flu Much? @_@


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Sunday, April 26, 2009
Thanks Mum ^^

Guess What My Mum Bought For Me Yesterday? ^^

P/s- First time use DSLR to shoot pictures.. paiseh ^^

Thanks Alot Mum ^^

And baby girl..
Our First Ever Huge Argument (=
I'm Glad We Pulled Through...
I Love you much more now ^^
Not that I don't before =p
Just much much more now ^^

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Thursday, April 23, 2009
Out Of Ideas o.O

I'm officially having the flu..
My gums are hurting
I'm out of Ideas to Blog...
Block Block Block...

oh oh ohhh..

P/s- Changed my Song... Joshua Radin's I'd Rather Be With You
Thanks Kristine
for the Song ^^

Sorry ah... put same Blog song as you..
Intro me some nice songs lar weiii

This song is so hoppy and skippy and jumpy @_@
Makes me wanna hop around only...
And also... Baby Girl
This song is dedicated to you (=
I Love You Much

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This few days the weather is so Freaking HAWTT!!!
But it's gotten cooler now..
But too bad my body is getting warmer >.>
I'm getting sick
My throat feels uncomfortable
My Body feels hot
I feel heaty
And my Gums are hurting me..
My Wisdom tooth is finally coming out
And while the 3 of them is coming out alright
The fourth one (lower right)
Comes out and took my Gums with it
So its like.. I have a part of my gum hanging out..
Disgusting... I know..
But don't overkill the thought
Just a little bit only..
Gonna see the dentist tomorrow..
And if he tells me to pull it out..
I'll kill him -_-

my modem is dying on me..
wtf knn betul grrr

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Saturday, April 18, 2009
Just A Reminder

Taken from the post from
November 26, 2008

I don't know why I have to do this...
But seems to me...People have been starting to read my blog
And yeah its a good thing...
By then again I don't mean to give praise to myself..
It could be someone under another nickname giving comments
Probably too afraid to reveal their name..
Maybe they think I'm going to hunt them down or something..
(I don't think I'll do that..I am a nice guy and got better things to do)

But yeah...
Anyhow...I'll clarify some stuffs...

1) This is MY blog
(well okay technically not mine..but belongs to blogspot..But yeah..you get the jizz of it)

2)I blog what I want and Whenever I want
(Borrowed this quote from xiaxue's blogspot)

3)I don't blog to please people..but to put in my thoughts and feelings...

4)Everything in this blog is entirely my point of view...
(It may differ from yours..but hey if you want to debate... I guess I can do that for fun...
I can improve my language and oral debate skills then (= )

5)People saying...I'm a Christian...why so much rude words and stuffs?
(Well look at point 1 and 2.. Its true I am a Christian...But I am Human as well..Please understand that...If you were to compare me to other bloggers like xiax__ I am an angel)

6)If you guyz realllly feel offended and reeeaaalllly dislike what I am writing...Send me an E-mail on kiyoshijoz@yahoo.com
(Maybe I can tone down a little...just MAYBE..no guarantees)

7) If you are still not satisfied I did not change or refuse to accept me for who I am..
there is always the red "x" (or orange according to WeiShin) at the top right corner of
your browser..please feel free to click it..

8)I am a teenager...this is my space...respect it...I have views.. I blog it...I have issues..
well, I blog it as well...

9)I rarely blog about politics..unless I am damn pissed about certain issues...

10)Mostly this blog contains my feelings, emotions, pictures, and stuffs..

11)I love to use the "wtf" acronym along with "wth" etc (you get what I mean)
Its more like a style of writing which was inspired by Sweatlee.com

12)If you don't like it....just pretend its a word which says "tuffffffffff" or something

13)Most of the time when "wtf" comes in...I don't think about typing it down..it just comes along

14)If again you don't like it... look at point 12... if for some reason you are just unreasonably
unsatisfied.... look at point 7...

15)I can't please the world...and again...point 3...

16)I don't mind criticisms..but make sure its constructive...you can criticize (NICELY!) on my
CBox or to kiyoshijoz@yahoo.com

17)Points 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1- (oopz that would make you repeat...)

Well there is all to it... I am done writing what I feel...
If you still feel that its not clear...there is the option of point 17 or 7 zzzzz

p/s- Why am I reminding again?

Obviously some people don't learn (=


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Friday, April 17, 2009
Mistakes -_-

Josiah Did A Stupid Mistake Today -_-
He Says that the Practice Statement 1966,
Was An Act Enacted By The Westminster
LoL >.>

Just had my viva today
The topic was on Judicial Precedent..
Well except for some tiny weeny mistakes like the above
Everything went pretty well
I was surprised that I was able to answer Mr. Kevin quite confidently..
Hopefully I'd be able to get a good grade for this viva >.<>.<

And I am dead tired..
Woke up at 6.45 today -_-
If we had an extra car at home
Productivity would increase =3
hints hints hints ^^

Having said that...
Going off to play Dungeon Keepers Deeper Dungeons Now =3
lalalala till laterz

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009
The Race Is On

Yes Yes..
It's that time of the year again
Just one more month till my exams starts
And we are rushing to make up for loss time
I've made a promise to myself..
At least 2 essays on each subject every week
Can you imagine it?
Josiah doing 2 essays each for Criminal, Contract, Public and CLR
@_@ Unthinkable eh?

But then again
I felt it is necessary
Because when I think that I will have to write out like 4 essays in 3 hours..
Well lets just say it gives me nightmares at night
I'd probably need to put my hands in a cast after the exams T_T

Having said that..
It's been a long time since I've had a heart attack
This will do me good
What doesn't kill me makes me stronger
Right? Right?!
Well at least its supposed to work that way -_-
Assuming that I don't die from over-writing
I'd get stronger ^^

Well then..
Wish me luck for the exams..
I feel excited as well as scared
Excited because I do KNOW I have the potential to score
At least a 2nd Upper.. (65 and above right?)
Furthermore I've gotten quite impressive marks for my assignments
I just have to hit the mark for the essays
Hence I need to do that 2 essays every week
Get familiar with writing again
Get familiar with hands hurting from writing
(It does -.- seriously)

Finally -_-

yes yes.. we all see the Factortame Case -_-
EC Act 1972 in relations to Parliament Sovereignty -_-
Blah blah blah blah...

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Hint: Our Number

Sry for the Emo-fied post
No mood

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Updates (=

Well I've been missing for quite abit eh?
No worries..
I am back!!!!

I was missing from Friday (Good Friday) till Sunday (Easter)
All this due to work
At least I managed to go to church..

As said in previous post
I was working for Olympus at the Pikom PC Fair at KLCC
And all I can say is..
It was helluva tiring...
The last time I stood that long was when I was 15
Hehe yeah.. I worked when I was 15.. (Illegally =p)
But it was good training for my legs lalala
Getting fatter so some work will do me good...
Made lotsa new friends at work
Managed to sell almost 20 (minimum) to 25 (optimistically) digital cameras
So the commission also not bad lar..
I have high hopes for my pay..
But I'll wait and see whats in my Bank Account lol
Have much plans for the cash
Don't worry..
I won't use it all just yet..

It was really fun to be working again for abit..
Kinda takes the pressure of studying for a looming examination
But now its back to reality..
Time to double up the effort @_@
And Start Studying Harder Now..

Ja~ Its getting late..
And I'm still waiting for my Utopia Army to get home wtf -_-
0.4 hrs left
After that I'll get some sleep

Last but not Least

Baby Girl
I Lo
ve You Much

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Thursday, April 9, 2009
Kai Zen

Continuous Improvement
Thats what I have to be
Continue to Improve
Both as a bf and as a Student
So Help Me God
To Achieve KaiZen Mentality

Exams are on the 11th of May..
Studies are on the way..
Revving up for the last part of the 1st race..

And I am sorry baby for not being the perfect bf
But I'll try harder..
I promise


p/s: I'll be working during PC Fair again -_-

Any of you who needs compact digital cameras
Which are Cheap in price and High in Quality
Come to the Olympus booth
Its not in the main hall
but in the 2nd hall (=
Good prices available
You will not regret buying an Olympus ^^

Someone once ask me..
If your Sister and your Girlfriend
Is stuck in a house which is going to burn down
Who will you save first?
(It's just a rephrasing of if your mother and girlfriend is drowning who will you save first question)

The answer to this is simple..
They are both dreaming of course..
So if both of them were to argue and ask you this question
Do the following

step 1
Slap both of them BACK TO REALITY
Earth to Sis and GF?

Step 2
Confront both of them

Ask the Sister
Are you my girlfriend?
Are you going to be my wife?

Ask the GF
Are you my sister?
Did you come to this earth through my Mother?

After saying that..
Step 3

Tell them both

To the sister:
You are my sister..
Not my girlfriend
You are you and not her
So stop comparing

To the GF:
You are my GF
Not my Sister
You are you.. not her
So stop comparing

Now SnaP back to Reality Yo~
(works for both sisters and mothers who are jealous of your GF/wife)
(GF/wife who are jealous of your mother/sister)

If they both at this point turn on you...
I suggest you run out of the house
Before you get set on fire/drowned or whatever by them...
Are unpredictable..
They like to fight among themselves at time
And in a blink of an eye gang on you

Thank God I'm a male..
-_- Blessed with an understanding females will never have -_-

To all my female readers
please do not kill me -_-

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009
The Reason

I Just Don't See The Reason

For Working Just That One Day

And So I Don't

The Detriment Outweighs The Benefits

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Sunday, April 5, 2009
I Want >.<

Just Like Baby Girl
Who wants to leave her hair long again
I also wanna leave mine back to medium length
Beh tahan lar too short..
Damn lazy style..
Really miss those time
When I can just leave my house without styling my hair
Yeah call me Vain or whatever..Don't care lol
Oopzz.. Vain is Trademarked by Kelvin Kuan =D
(Wootz Finally I mentioned his name ^^)
This post is Dedicated to you lar Kelvin Kuan
Just because you Own the Vain word hehe

I wanna Leave my hair back to medium length
And go for soft rebonding again..
Need to save money.. again..
Sigh @_@
And yesh..
I'll be working during Easter..
I know..
Its sad....But I didn't realize the date
When I signed up for the Job..
I'll be working in the Pikom PC Fair for Olympus
From the 10th to the 12th of April
Friday to Sunday
(Hence missing Good Friday and Easter >.<)

And Woi..
Baby Girl!!!
Pay me some attention please hehehe
Don't only watch that show you're watching -_-
Talk to meeeeeeeee buuuuuuuuuu
I Love You Much Baby Girl..
Seems like a really really long time since I dedicated a real Post for you
I wanted to blog about the Cookies baby baked..
But my family finished it -_-
I got no chance to eat hehehe...
But looks good..
And my family got no stomach ache =p
I love you baby!

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Saturday, April 4, 2009
WTF Indeed >.<

The Internet Line

Went Dead For The Whole

Freakin' Day Today..


Bloody TmNut

Streamyx Sucks

Streamyx Sucks

Streamyx Sucks

Streamyx Sucks

Streamyx Sucks

Streamyx Sucks

Streamyx Sucks

I hate Screamyx that much


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Thursday, April 2, 2009
Chinese Tradition?

Can any Chinese in Malaysia
Tell me..
Please please tell me..
Does this Picture have to do with Chinese Tradition?

Taken from www.malaysiakini.com

"When pressed on whether such performances would translate into votes for BN, Ahmad Zahid said that they were a "part of the Chinese tradition."

You stupid A$$hole!!
You're supposed to fight for our rights.
Instead you become a backside for Some other political parties F***?
You "geng" lar..
MCA you are no longer relevant..
You are merely a dog!
You can sell out your own race?
And you wont say a single thing about this comment?
Girls dressing scantily and dancing on stage is Chinese Tradition?
Then what the Fark is Indian Tradition? Malay Tradition?
MCA ...
You're a big disgrace to us Chinese..
When I see this Comment and MCA didn't even defend itself..
I feel ashamed... very very ashamed..
I hope the leaders are too.
Because if you're not.
I really don't know what is wrong with you...

Those girls looks more like girls from Pubs
And Strip Tease Clubs..
So you are implying that our tradition are Girls dancing in Pubs?
Ahmad Zahid.. you're a CCB KNN MCB lar!

I'm so getting out of this country..

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