Sunday, February 28, 2010
Perception and Conscience

Perception is Important..
If your perception is wrong from the start
Everything will look wrong

If my conscience is clear
I fear nobody except God Himself
And I am wholly answerable to Him

I have done my fair share of wrong things
That night was purely fun and friendship and nothing else

Done Deal

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Its Getting Hawt in Here


Stop freaking killing the treesss
Why the hell is the temperature soaring to 35 degrees and above?


Edit- I think the hotness is affecting my brains =s

I actually sat down and studied my Unregistered Land for 2 Hours!
Holy =s Scares the crap out of me LoL
Re-did my notes and finally understood what some of those shit charges means
Now to get started on my Registered Land sometime this week
(Why do we have to study such ancient laws again?)

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010
21 Finally (=

My favorite SR Chocolate Indulgence

I'm finally officially 21 (=
Legal and Free as they say
But how I wish I will stay at this age forever
But as the song goes

"Time Is Going By.. So Much Faster Than I"

I'm just afraid to one day wake up
And look at my reflection in the mirror
Finding out that I am reaching 50
There is so much to do, So much to accomplish
Yet so little time

What have I done with my life so far?
I've managed to obtain good results in UPSR and my PMR
Pretty okay results in my SPM and A Levels
And now I'm on my way to my final year of degree

I've never been a REALLY good Christian per se
I still fail lots at it
I've grown taller
Grown much more mature
Got to know a wonderful girl
Fell in love with that wonderful girl

Cross swords with my parents a million times
Almost ran from home a few times
Ran from home once or twice (couldn't remember)
Became an grand-cousin-uncle (IDK what they call it)
Went through Pre-Teen rebelliousness

I'm no longer the small ignorant boy I used to be
However there are still much for me to learn
And I pray to God that He will provide me with another
uhm... 60 years or so to go? (I'm not too greedy)
(I'm happy to die at 80-85)
To do what I want to do
Watch my kids grow up
Watch them get married and have little kids
Watch my grandchildren grow up
Watch them have little kids

Be successful in Life
Well moderate would be nice
I'm not greedy
Enough to provide good living for my family
Good education to my kids
Enough to bring them for overseas travel (=

And with that my future is pretty much laid out
I wonder if everybody who reaches 21 ever thought of the same thing
I would like to take the opportunity to thank my parents
For raising me up
For taking care of me
For being patient with me
For being IM-patient with me
For providing me with lots of care and love
I'm sorry if I ever made you guys madfor making you guys mad at times
For testing your patience
For being such an evil son at times Photobucket
For not doing my chores sometimes
Yes... and for not switching of the switches Photobucket
(although I still think its unnecessary lol)
But I think you guys did a pretty good job (=
You're right
I wasn't born with a manual book (=
Pretty cool eh?
What you think I'm a robot? -___-
I could go from Photobucket to Photobucket
But hey.. you did a good job
So don't worry about me anymore k?
I know my priorities in life already
I'm no longer the small naive ignorant little boy
I'm grown up now =D
Meaning moar booooozzzeeeeeee Photobucket
Nah.. I'm kidding..
Seriously tho.. don't worry (=

I would also Like to thank;
My sister and my brother for bringing me all the way to the border of insanity
For teaching me patience (indirectly)

To my Baby Girl for showing me love
For also bringing me to the borders of insanity sometimes
You're awesome (=
Thanks for the crazy planning of the 21 birthday surprise too =3
That was crazy =p

Finally a BIG HUGE "Thank You" to all my friends/teachers/ex-teachers
You guys helped shape me into who I am today
Everything I am, good or bad.. you guys had a hand in this =p


Wow this turned out to be an amazingly long-emo-like-post
But I'm not emo..
I'm happy that I am finally 21 although I DO wish time would stop here my
Perhaps when I'm finally married and if my blog is still alive
I shall come back and have a look at my priorities again

Thank you guys for the surprise birthday thingie again today
It was freaking awesome..
Thank you baby for the planning
Thank you guys for coming
Btw to prove the crazy planning here is 2 pictures of the msg they relayed

If I were to screenshot the entire thing
It will run up to 5-10 pictures long
Pretty crazy
Thank you once again (=

And finally

I'm 21 TODAY!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

1 more day to legality..
Then what?

Hummm time to sort out my life


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Friday, February 12, 2010
My Intelligence Still Feels Insulted =s

I was browsing through Malaysiakini today

And when I came across this article entitled "CIA may take advantage of Allah issue: PPIM"
Wah KNS suddenly my head started throbbing like mad

First thing first
He said:

"I'm worried that this is an opportunity for CIA to destroy our country. They (America) will not be satisfied if they see a strong Malaysia or Indonesia,"

Okay la budak... Why would CIA wanna destroy our country?
We're damn insignificant lah!
Oh CIA does not EQUALS America donkey
CIA is an Intelligence Agency
And they're the
crème de la crème in that area
If they were to conduct operations in Malaysia (Which I would like to believe so)
You dumb nuts wont even notice their presence

This are the same guys that can assassinate someone in broad daylight
Without so much as making a fuss
Unlike us (Read DSAI's Sodomy II)

Okay enough with the CIA thing
Lets ASSUME (Making an Ass out of U and ME) that CIA was indeed ordered to destabilize us
Lets give the idiot the benefit of the doubt shall we?
We shall tear his arguments apart

Okay so Obama said lets destabilize Malaysia for the heck of it
CIA GET TO WORK! (Spy soundtrack being played)
I now ask.. What the hell for?
Do they want to:

1)Occupy Malaysia and make Malaysia the 51st state?
2)"Christianize" Malaysia?
3)Damn hurts my head just to think of reasons why the States would want us

Okay lets see

Reason number 1;
Come on la...
They are already burdened with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan
They DO NOT need another burden
Our economy is so SHIT that it will drag their Income per capita down
We can't even match up with its smallest state

If they DO indeed want to take over our country..
I pray they hurry up
At least they will improve our economy

Reason Number 2;
Uh... Last I heard we're in the 21st century
Who the fark want to Christianize Malaysia la
They're not exactly running a charity show

Don't even get me started on reason number 3
Cuz I just can't think of any
That stupid dumbass talks cock
I wonder where he receives his education?
Memalukan Negara dan Bangsa sendiri

I wonder if the CIA reads this
What they would do
Probably laughing their ass out

Okay seriously now
This dude has a sick mind
He treats everybody as potential enemy
Eh budah you wont get far with this mindset la

Why not you follow Mahathir's call to boycott American made products
Meaning, Don't let me see you using the Ipod, Itouch, Internet, Windows etc.
You dumbasses just don't realize that we can't survive without America
We're not exactly like China you know?
China's domestic market itself can support its economy.
Oh why not you go make more children la
Maybe in 100000000000 years time we can also be like China
Make or break worse come to worse we be like Africa..

Aish, if the Americans wants to break our country
No need to go to so much of trouble
Just do it Hiroshima style
4 nukes should do the trick
1 in KL (duh) 1 in Putrajaya
1 in Penang, 1 in Kuantan

Later send in a strike team of F-22 Raptors which can arrive in 2-3 hours?
Clean up whatever base they miss
It will be over within 1 day
Malaysia will be a pile of worthless ash
Yes even more worthless than now..

I end this by quoting my own famous quote
I'm so getting the hell out of this country

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Thursday, February 11, 2010
Happy Chinese New Year Peeps!

Happy Chinese New Year

Have A Good One

Woooo Hoooo XD

cute ain't it?

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Sunday, February 7, 2010
To A Certain Neighbour

Dear Neighbor,

I'm writing to you with regards to your rudeness this morning
Your ignorance amuse me

First Issue- My Dog

Yes firstly, My dog Nicky did pee and shit near your house
I stress the fact near because obviously he didn't shit and pee IN your house
If that were the case I'll admit that we're wrong
However we walked the dog at the side of the house which you NEVER used
I never see you doing anything on that side of the OUTSIDE of your house
What makes your house so special that I can't walk my dog near it?
If I have to walk my dog inside the compound of my house
That will obviously defeat the purpose of "walking the dog"

Now I understand that you are a little (or should I say very?) upset that:
a) My dog shit outside the side of your house
b) Pee at the outside of the side of your house


Personally I don't see a problem with that
Dog urine and stool is a biodegradable "thing"
Its not like I am throwing nuclear waste outside your house
It is an effective fertilizer for your trees and plants which you NEVER
And I stress NEVER do anything with
How else is it growing strong and tall?
I never see you water it

And the fact that we did not in anyway TRESPASS your land
We were merely walking outside
Your land constitute the area ABOVE and BELOW your property
IF I were to use your "warped" logic and understanding
Then you had earlier TRESPASSED on my land by just driving past it

Besides that, the reason why I was pissed..
Is your rudeness towards your fellow neighbors
How can you honk and scold us when we didn't do anything wrong
I believe you owe us an apology
If you are determined to get back at us
Go get a dog and make it pee around our area
However you have to be careful because if it does it's business on our gate
You're obviously trespassing on our property
(Something that we did not do)

If you are so unhappy that we walked our dog near our area
Why not get a condo unit and live there?
Solves all problems
Too small? No problem, get a penthouse
This is none of our concern

You want to bring a legal action against us?
By all means, but let me forewarn you that your loss is imminent if you do so
I don't think we violated any of your rights
Instead you're the one who violated ours when you disallow us to walk our dogs
Where is the freedom of movement?

You should thank God that we did not let our dog run free like most owners do around here
I believe that it would be piece of cake for my dog to maul you to death
However, what we did as an owner of our pet was pretty responsible
We walked our dog, WITH A LEASH!
We control our dog to do its business at the bushes and grasses so that it will degrade easily
You wont like it either if we were to make it poo on the road outside your house right?
Think about it for a second
What we did wasn't unreasonable
Furthermore we did not in any way cause property damage to your house
Instead we made sure the trees grew tall and strong to provide your house a nice shade

You say that the dog shit stinks?
Don't accuse... prove it that it stinks
Like I said, dog poo is degradable
Within a day or so, with rain it degrades into the soil
Even if there is no rain, the sun dries it up leaving no stench

2nd Issue- Your rudeness

Was it that hard to wind down your window and inquire us about our actions?
No you simply just did not allow us to explain ourselves
Wow, as if we had a vendetta against you and force the dog to relieve itself on your tree
You need to broaden your thinking
Hey like I said, wanna get back at us?
Go rare a pet dog then
But you chose to Honk in a very demeaning manner
What a typical Chinese old man you are
All grouchy and acting as if the world owes you big time


Or if you just don't like to live in a community
Go get a penthouse or a condo unit
If you want we can discuss this like a gentleman
Come and talk to us if you like
I believe we can sort out our differences

Just because my dad did not say anything
Does not mean we condone your actions
Yes surprised?
I'm the son of the man you scolded this afternoon (06/02/2010)
Unbelievable that I gave this more thought than you right?
You should be ashamed of yourself uncle
That a 20 year old kid turning 21 can have a broader view than you

I do hope you will see us to resolve this issue
If not, then might I suggest that you read through my writing
Think about it
Reason with yourself
Think with your head, Not your heart.


Josiah Lim

p/s- I wrote this on my blog
And yes I will send you this letter
Feel free to check my blog
And oh, click on my ads while you're at it

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Thursday, February 4, 2010
Some Friends

Some friends are jerks
Some friends thinks you're begging them for something
Some friends are total shitholes
Some friends are not true at all
Some friends are pathetic


Some friends stick with you no matter what
Some friends goes through thick and thin with you
Some friends are your best friend
Some friends maybe the friends that you have in HS

Which Friend are you?

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010
I Hate

I Hate To Reformat My Lappie

But when shit hits the fan..
I guess you got no choice =s

fml again

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