Thursday, July 30, 2009
Tiring zzz

It's like I've got no energy for anything else

p/s- That huge player on the right.. will have to do for the moment
Till I can figure out how to its size


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Tuesday, July 28, 2009
The Day I Got Pick Pocketed

Yes Yes..
Its my turn now..
My bro, then my Sis and now me..

Heck of course I was pissed at first..
More pissed that I have to run here and there to settle things
There are cards to be cancelled
I/C to be made, JPJ Driving licence (WTF)
And tons of other things
The money.. yes RM146.. I was abit pissed at that
As I am currently saving money for a new phone
And my Bangkok Trip in November
I had no time to bank in my money
And that's why it was in my wallet
But not too much...
I mean its just cash..
I really hope that fella really spend it nicely and enjoy it..
Because when he dies and meets his creator..
He will have lots to answer to and well..
Lets say torture sounds like heaven when he is Down There

And my favorite wallet
My Swiss Polo Wallet
Damn..And OMFG..
Baby's last and only name tag
I'm so sorry baby girl )=
I can't protect your last name tag
How ironic you lost your one to a thieve as well )=
My Guitar Picks.. my favorites wtf
My EzyLink Card!!!! Dammit.
Thats all memories in there

But seriously..
The thief has better have a good reason for stealing my cash
Maybe to help his pregnant wife or something
But if he were to go and buy drugs and what not..
I hope he dies painfully...
Why can't he work?
Is it that hard?
And I was pretty sure it was an Indonesian Man
Not to be racial here
But why would that guy who was facing the pole suddenly felt like facing outwards?
We let you live in this country
And this is how you repay us?
Oh man..
You better repent young man
I hope you will feel sorry for me
For the time that I have to make a police report..
Run and get my I/C done
Canceling my card
Unpaid Emergency Leave
Dude.. you're heartless =/

Oh well.. What do we expect from Third World Country Malaysia anyway
Another real good reason for me to leave and contribute my talent somewhere else
Sorry Malaysia.. Not to be unpatriotic
But you failed me once and you failed me a dozen times

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Sunday, July 26, 2009
You Decide!

Families can be the best
Yet they can also be the worst
They can be a joy
They can also be downright tards
Family can understand
But sometimes they just DON'T want to
They can be pretty fun
Yet also can be bitches

You choose..
What kinda family do you guys want to be


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Saturday, July 25, 2009
Weather Forecasts

Weather forecast everyone:
Its downright bloody warm and hot
Tempers are set to flare
Emotions will run wild
Everything will go Topsy Turvy
Headaches will be prevalent
Families will bicker and argue
Very irrational requests will happen
Misunderstanding will happen
And being difficult will be easy
Everybody is pissed

You have been warned
Total Bullshit

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Keretapi Tiada Maruah
Makan duit saya
Tapi Service tidak berubah
Tetap celaka

Keretapi Tiada Maruah
Selalu "Delay" atau "Cancel"
Tolonglah mati bedebah
Daripada membuatku membebel

Keretapi Tiada Maruah
Di Mulut Manis, Di Dalam Busuk
Selalu kata improvement akan datang-lah
Tetapi tiap-tiap kali hanya perjanjian kosong kusyuk

Keretapi Tiada Maruah
Banyak perkataan buruk tentang kau
Tetapi yang paling sesuai

KTM suck shit..
Like seriously..

I'm so pissed at KTM
That I'd love to trash one of their trains

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm outdoing myself really..
I'll be working during PC fair again for Olympus Cameras
Although I start In the afternoon on Saturday due to work
I really hope I won't die from the stress =/

It's hard to earn an income like this..
I swear when I come out to work for real
I'll be abit more laid back
No Point killing myself.
Anyway.. If any of you wants to buy Olympus cameras
Come and find me in KLCC PC Fair 1st-2nd August aight?


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Saturday, July 18, 2009
There's Only One United!

Went to watch Man U vs Malaysia
With Dad, Joash and Bryan

Manchester United (3)
Malaysia (2)

Malaysia did put up a good struggle.
But Victory to United Still!
Glory Glory Man United!!!!

Players In Action!

Actually Bukit Jalil Stadium Could be very nice if maintained properly
But as usual =/

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Woi People!
I want my Melaka Pictures


D=< Yes You Guys Baby Girl, Cherish Hiew, Elaine Kwan Pictures man Don't let your best friend wait


"I miss the late nights and hanging outs"

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Updates And Everything In Between

I know I haven't been updating much
Was so busy with work
And I usually am exhausted after the house chores
That said..
It is much more relaxing than when I was at ING

Just came back from the Melaka Trip with the Youth!
Went for a makan Trip on Sunday till Monday
A Whoping 9 meals in 24 Hours
And Baby Girl Joined us..
Glad to see her having so much fun with my gang of church friends (=
And baby blended in pretty well
Like Mango Blended juice =p

Anyway. Just wanted to say a BIG


Yee Li

May God Bless Your Marriage
And You Guys Stay Happeh

They got married on Saturday 11/07/2009 (=
Such joy to see them so happy together (=

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Saturday, July 11, 2009
A Week Later~

When The Going Gets Tough
The Tough Gets Going

"Wtf did my FFVII soundtrack went to?"


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Monday, July 6, 2009

The lawyer who interviewed me last week called me up today
He asked me if I already have a placement at another law firm
I told him no
And he asked me if i would like to work in his Law Firm
At the salary that I have requested (=
I told him yes
And now I finally have a work to do (=
Earn and save cash for Bangkok Trip as well as a new mobile phone XD
Of course.. There are experiences to learn (=
Can't wait

Thank You God for this job (=

Gonna be pretty damned busy.
I have to find out where to get an installer for my Windows version
Windows Vista Home Basic and reinstall and clean reformat my laptop
And have to do house chores..
That and coupled with the fact that I have a job now.
I have to call up the girl to tel her that I can't work in PC Fair now too
Ironic =p
I called up a laptop company and asked if they have any vacancies during the PC Fair.
And we agreed everything
Then the call came up @_@
And I have to call up Adam and Andrew.. (baby calls them Double A XD)
And change their tuition classes to Thursday night (=

My PC problem is still pissing me off.. grawr

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Saturday, July 4, 2009
Virus )=

QUOTE -sUBs (malware expert on

Virut is not disinfectable. Your only option is to perform a full reformat. Do NOT attempt a repair install. It shall be a waste of time. If you do so, the infected executables remain on the machine & you shall likely trigger another bout of Virut.

If you do not know how to perform a fresh install, use this website >

Note: If you have to backup files, do so only for MS Office documents & any non executable file. Burn them to CD/DVD. Do NOT copy files from the infected machine to your pendrive OR another machine. You risk infecting the other machine.


very nice..
im dead )=

i wanna kill whoever created Virut grawrrr


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Thursday, July 2, 2009
Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law

#1 If anything can go wrong, it will

#2 If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong

#3 If anything just cannot go wrong, it will anyway

Murphy's Computer Law

#1 Bugs will appear in one part of a working program when another 'unrelated' part is modified.

#2 Undetectable errors are infinite in variety, in contrast to detectable errors, which by definition are limited.

#3 Computers don't make errors-What they do they do on purpose.

#4 Profanity is one language all computer users know.

#5 Patches - don't.

#6 A quarantined virus - will be opened.

#7 The chance of a virus infecting your network is directly proportional to the amount of damage it does.

#8 The only program that runs perfectly every time, is a virus

#9 Non Crash Operating System aren't

#10 Millions of people believe they are animals, but I have yet to meet one that believe in Windows' stability. Even human stupidity has limits ;-)

#11 No matter what problem you have with your computer - Its Always Microsoft's fault

#12 A virus will be erased when the hard drive crashes, making it useless for antivirus program to fix it.

#13 Computer sadism: When the computer causes physical or mental damage to a person and can't receive such a return favor (due to management rules).

#14 Computer masochism: When a computer takes all the abuse you think you can give it and continues working as it should.

credits : Murphy's Law

I think I screwed something in my computer up
It started with a virus (or at least thats what I thought)
And now my Windows updater can't update
My Anti-Virus can't update
I can't open Utopia Angel

Funny though.. other program works -_-
Even reformatted my laptop
But my Avast still detects multiple threats
Switched to AVG and found out it can't update for some reason

Some how Murphy's Computer Law #7 owned me @_@


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