Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sometimes.. Life is Beautiful...

But most of the time, Life is a BITCH...

Its how we live through it and weather through the bitch part of Life
That makes us who we are and what we are
This is what makes life unique and interesting

P/s- My bag was so damned heavy today that I felt my shoulders might split
And this is without my textbooks.. God I need a car on Thursday!!!!

pp/s- My sister thinks she owns the family camera now..
I friggin need another camera...zzzzz

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Suey day...
Thats all I can say
You can't keep it at bay
For goodness please keep away!!!!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Time Flies

Its already end of October...
Just like that...
Gosh and soon it will be November..
Then December....

Sucks when time have to fly
While you're having fun..
But crawl while you're screwing up
Emo wtf >.<

After that...
I'll graduate
Get a gf
Get married..
wthhhhh... Sometimes I wonder if there is more than this
Its at times like this I thank God I'm a Christian.
For I know there IS more to life than this =D

EmO aside.. here are some Kyute pictures =D

Kyaaaa kyute or whatttt?? =D
You can view em all here ICanHazCheezBurger
Heck even the Link name is kyute =3

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Monday, October 27, 2008
Daorae Korean BBQ

Remember I said I'll be promoting a Korean Restaurant?
Well here it is...
Its not very often that I promote Korean BBQ Restaurants..
Basically because not many Restaurants are that good.

Daorae Korean BBQ is located at Damansara Mutiara (I think)
Near Original Nasi Kandar Kayu
Why am I promoting them?
Simple.. Really good services...

The restaurant was nearly full when we were there..
We have 6 persons but there was no 6 seaters table
It was all taken..
There was however a table which caters for 10 people.
They were reluctant to let us sit there -_-

But any reasonable guests we started to be pissed
Angry, mad.. I mean come on space right..just let us sit!
Actually what hit me was what happened after the meal
When we were finally seated after nearly an hour or so..
When we were paying our bill....
Suddenly one of the waiters come and gave us 3 cans of Coke

And we were like uhhh...did we order this?
And then the waiter told us..
The lady boss gave us the drinks on the house
As a simple gesture of apology for making us wait so long
(Although its not really her fault that her other customers were
taking so long to finish up)
But anyhow...that simple gesture of the 3 cans of Coke
Was really ...iunoe how to say?

Its like wow...its just 3 cans of Coke
But you can actually feel the sincerity in it
How many restaurant owners will actually do this?
They weren't obliged to give us the drinks
But they did so anyway because they felt sorry
For making us wait so long
But above all.. They put customer value above everything else
I gotta give it to them...
They deserve to be praised for this.

So as a simple gratitude,
I would just want to help promote
This Restaurant by blogging about it =D
Not much people will read this but hey
I still have maybe 5 people reading this blog?

Lets get to the food..

The food was pretty awesome
And it was actually worth the wait..
The Bulgogi was nice
But not as nice as the one opposite Ampang Point
Their BBQ meat was marinated nicely too
And their Ginseng Chicken ...yummy =D

I gave them 7/10 overall..but after the coke..i gave them 8/10
See? Customer Value counts!!!!

Their service during the meal was awesome..
They refilled our side dishes very fast
Their Kimchi is also very fresh..
Some people say.. to judge a good Korean Restaurant,
We have to look at their Kimchi
And I would say.. Well Done..super fresh -_-

And for the first time..
I tried Corn Tea -_-
Although I don't really like Corn
But oh well.. drink-able
Oh they serve deserts too..

As for the price...
Although Douglas didn't tell us the price
We kinda know it was a little expensive.
I'm estimating RM180?

3 BBQ Dish, 1 Ginseng Soup, 1 Bulgogi
Free Flow Tea, Free Flow Side Dishes..

A lil pricey..
But Douglas only had us pay RM20 each
Thanks Dude!!!! So kind of him =D

But Aside from that, It was well worth it.. (=
You guyz should go try it too..
Mutiara Damansara, Original Kayu Nasi Kandar, Damansara ECF,
The Curve head below the bridge go straight on and turn before Petronas
From Penchala Link

Should be enough clues

Heck I'll upload the map later..

*more pictures to follow as soon as Elaine gets online
Or when I see her zzzzz*

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Update on Renovation....Again

I know...
I'm just using this opportunity to spam more =D
But finally I'm done on the renovation yay!!!
I hope you guyz enjoy your stay here
Have fun reading my blog
(talking to my 5 readers)


But yeah.. anyhow...
The only thing left is the Profile page..
Might add on something more on the side later =D
And will also blog about the Korean restaurant
I went to this evening.. Really worth blogging
Worth giving advertisements to too!!
Wait for it =D

But right now...
I'm tired...
Going to bed -_-
Out whole day..
Come back HTML all the way..
(it rhymes =D)

Ja~ Night all =D

p/s thanks again Ken...
get some sleep for Pete's sake

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Renovation Progress

Entering Final Phase..

Anybody knows how to add colors to links?
I know Wee Jim does...

Done.. Thanks Kenneth =D

A Little bit more tweaks here and there and it should be done...
Btw who thinks that I should add a profile section?
Cuz if I don't put the profile there..
God knows who is blogging...
of course I know who is blogging cuz its my blog
But maybe you guyz dont know me...what do you all think? lol
Drop me a comment in my ChatZ corner..

And again.. need help with links colors

oh and p/s- I need help with comments too...not that anybody comments..
but just in case lol

my email is
please drop me an email to teach me how to put colors in =D
if you wanna give your suggestion if i should put my profile, how to put comments

Finally done on the LinkZ
If you are left out...gimme a shout out =D

should I make a profile section? hurry up need suggestions!!!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blog under Renovation..

Sorry for the inconvenience...

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

There must be a way to be a pro -_-
Even a girl pwned my butt in Canon in D rock
oh did I mention a 5 year old kid can play that too?
But I can't wth =_=

Rightz....go watch them zzzzz

Original Arranger for Canon in D rock (JerryC)

Revised by

Some korean guy
The girl which pwned my butt -Khaluah
Mattrach-15 year old kid zzzzz
and the 5 12 (according to Chermayne) year old Kid - Sungha Jung

PwnZor T-T

Right now I'm attempting on

I'm Alright Composed by Neil Zaza
JerryC version
FunTwo's Version
Oh check out how many people can play it T-T ('cept me)
Ultimate I'm Alright
Neil Zaza- Of Course!!!

Here is the Tabs for the song zzzz..
And since i can play it a little (albeit abit slower)
Its quite easy...easier than Canon IMHO....
The shredding in Canon is godly insane -_-

I'm still trying hard to get it to time with the backing track..not freakin easy
Its not alright wth -_-

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thanks to someone...we paid 2 tolls for nothing zzzz
dude!!! look at signboard next time..
But it was fun =D
nice sunsets...
and karaoke session in the car =D
chun-ted la...

and repair your wiper for pete's sake -_-

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Tagged By Nicole... (finally something to post)

starting time [ 7.28 pm ]

name [ Josiah ]

sister [Charity]

brothers [ Joash ]

shoe size [ 7 .5 - 8 ]

where do you live [ Planet Earth..Sound familiar? ]

favourite drink [ Teh o Ice Limau Classic =D ]

favourite breakfast [ Anything edible -_- ]

have you been on a plane [ yes ]

swam in the ocean [ yes]

broken someone’s heart [ maybe.. ]

fallen asleep in school [ you havent? ]

fell of your chair [LoL..yep]

sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call [ I usually give up within 15 minutes ]

saved e-mails [ yes ]

what is your room like [ uhm....iunoe la ]

what is the last thing you ate [ homecooked food =D ]

ever had..

chicken pox [ yes ]

stitches [ nope ]

broken nose [ nope ]

do you believe in love at first sight [ I could =D ]

like picnics [ yup..wait does camping count?]

who was the last person you danced with [ forgot ]

last person who made you smile [ I kinda forgot =/ ]

today did you talked to someone you like [ nope =/ ]

kissed anyone [ yes ]

get sick [ You gotta be a robot if you don't..heck even my computer catches viruses ]

talked to an ex [ not recently ]

missing someone [ I think so... ]

best feeling in the world [ .Uhm... If you mean cocaine..nah just jk ]

do you sleep with stuffed animals [not anymore...used to have =D..]

what’s under your bed [ tiles =_= ]

what time is now [9.14pm...sry halfway then went futsal =D ]


is there a person on your mind right now [brains not enough oxigen to think atm]

do you want children [ yes ]

do you smile often [yup ]

what colour shirt are you wearing [ black stained with sweat yummy ]

when did you cry last [ last week lol...hey can't a guy cry? ]

are you a friendly person [ me..oh get out of my face...jk =D ]

where is the person you have feelings for right now [ idea? ]

do you eat healthy [ whats healthy? lol ]

do you still have pictures with you and your ex [ i think i've dumped it somewhere dunoe where ]

have you ever cried because of something someone said to you [sure got la... ]

if you’re having a bad day, where are you most likely to go to [ Somewhere nobody knows..]

are you loud or quiet most of the time [ bising ]

are you confident [ me? sure....i times...mayyybeee? ]

5 things i was doing ten years ago

[ Eat ]
[ Sleep ]
[ Poo ]
[ TV ]
[Blurring ]

5 snacks i enjoy
[Tiger Biscuits lol ]
[Ice Creams]
[ Yum cha count? ]
[ dunoe la ]
[must have 5 meh? so mah fan ]

5 things i would do if i were a billionaire

[multiply that billion ]
[Shopping ]
[ buy a car ]
[ be generous]
[ use more]

5 of my bad habits

[ Lazy ]
[ Driving fast ]
[Lazy ]
[ Lazy ]
[ lazy ]

5 places i’ve lived in
[Sri Petaling]

5 people that you tag:



Wei Shin



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5 Months~

Right...I finally..
Ended my 5 months MOVIE DROUGHT!!!!

Ended it by watching Eagle Eye =D
Ghey Ending but still good show =D
Thanks bro~ you know who you are..

Anyway...back to the point of this post...
Not much point actually....
Just wanted to say that I finally (another final)
Completed my stupid Malaysian Studies today lol wtf..

Ja~ thats about it.. can't think of anything else to blog zzzz
wtf..then what am I blogging?
I right?

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Sunday, October 19, 2008
周杰倫 -魔杰座- Jay Chou Capricorn Album 2008

Gosh... No regrets buying this Album!!!!!!!

In this album I can really feel the old Jay Chou is back....
He is murmuring alot again and I like it.
Regardless of what other people say about can't hearing him...
I think its unique to him..
Gosh I can't praise this album enough...
Listening to it makes me happy lol...
Really worth my money....
You guyz should really get it >.< really really worth it...

Anyway the originaly theme wasn't supposed to be like this..
It was meant to be a Jay as a joker...but due to some leaks..
Sigh..I kinda feel sad for him...he kinda lost alot of money...
But still I prefer this much much more =D

Track Listing
  1. 龍戰騎士 Dragon Warrior Knight 4:31
  2. 給我一首歌的時間 Give Me The Time Of A Song (Gěi Wǒ Yì Shǒu Gē De Shí Jiān) 4:13
  3. 蛇舞 Snake Dance (Shé Wŭ) 2:55
  4. 花海 Ocean Of Flowers Ocean (Huā Hăi) 4:25
  5. 魔術先生 Mr. Magic (Mó Shù Xiān Sheng) 3:48
  6. 說好的幸福呢 Where is the Promised Happiness (Shuō Hăo De Xìng Fú Ne) 4:14
  7. 蘭亭序 Lan Ting Xu (Lán Tíng Xù) 4:12
  8. 流浪詩人 Homeless Poet (Líu Làng Shī Rén) 2:49
  9. 時光機 Time Machine (Shí Guāng Jī) 5:12
  10. 喬克叔叔 Uncle Joker (Qiáo Kè Shū Shū) 4:14
  11. 稻香 Rice Aroma (Dào Xiāng) 3:43
*credits to Wikipedia

Songs worth listening to are..
Tracks 1,2,4,6,7,9 and 11

the 5,8,10 just sounded kinda weird..
Track 8 is jazzy but not my style..
I think Jay is experimenting with various styles..
His ballads are still the best..

Gosh..if he is coming to Malaysia for concert this year..
I'll definitely go... its DAMN worth it!!!!!

Go go and buy and you will understand what I am saying
Welcome back the Old Jay!!!!! woohooo

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Saturday, October 18, 2008


just felt like it....zzzzZZzzzz

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Haha...Lets do this again sometime soon =D

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008
5 months...

5 months of not entering the Cinema..
Torturous ain't it?
Who wanna go watch movie with me?
And No Mama Mia please..
Good show but I wouldn't watch it at the Cinema

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We are humans no?
Good accept it and move on -_-

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National Budget WTH?

On the 14th October 2008..
Our Finance Minister Said something like this during a press conference..

"Our Country is NOT in recession..."
a minute or so later...he said this
"We are not as bad off as other countries"

god dammit...Please someone tell me that I am not being led
By a stupid Old Fart who doesn't even know what he is saying?
How can he be contradicting himself within a space of 1 minute?

Dear minister,

Please tell us that we are not in recession once
My parents can send me abroad in peace
Without fear/doubt that they will go poor
Please tell us we are not in recession only
When all of us can spend without a HUGE pang of guilt
Please tell us that we are NOT in recession
ONLY if we can afford to bring our kids out for a fun time
Without the thoughts of how much this or that will cost

goddamit Mr. Minister..Just go to hell will you?
Can we fcuking cut your shitty pay?
Cuz I am sure even reducing it by 20% will help at least
20 poor families in Malaysia..

You are a god damn stupid dumbo minister who doesn't lead by example
I'm fcuking sick of your shitty remarks
I'm fcuking sick of your leadership
I'm fcuking sick of you and your cronies

How can the god damned government ask the "rakyats"
To spend less, eat less, change our lifestyle...
When the fcuking government took all the Taxes
To buy the god damn expensive helicopters..
Yes those helicopters... the freaking Cougar helicopter

Can you please send your stupid sons and daughters
Most whom I think are not really studying but indulging in life
To a god damn normal government school?
Isn't that patriotic..
You talk one thing and fart another..
One hand you ask us to send our kids to national school
On the backside you send your kids to PRIVATE SCHOOLS

ei Arseholes....I am super heng now...
because my dreams is to go overseas to gain more knowledge
And i dare to bet my ass that I can study at least 40% better than your kids
Who are born with a silver spoon in their mouths...
To hell with silver spoons.. Gold spoons..
My parents money went into that spoon
you stupid chuck heads..

I am not condemning 100% of the minister kids..
I personally know a few of them who are bright and humble
But I DARE say.. 50% of them are stupid, immature, Spoilt and dumb...

Why am I even wasting my energy typing this..
god...please waste their office..plz.....lightning bolts, fireballs,
Meteorites, whatever...just screw them out of office..
oh shit...I am damn heng now wtf...

*striked the word god out of my posts...too offensive zzzz..
** anyway less heng jor
***anyway...what God created...he can damn (viewed as punishment from God) well
****Yes this time its God with the capital G....
*****my long as you are open and do not view as an offensive term..should be fine..

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Monday, October 13, 2008
Assignment Status

I decided to put this up... -_-
So that I can check on my own status
As well as feel a little happier when I get to
Strike off the 20% done 30% done and put int the 100% done =D

Well then.. Lets start...

Nothing major in this few weeks..
Contract has been taxing lately -_-

Contract Tutorial Questions (due on 16th October)
1)Page7 Question1 - 40% 60% 100% done =D *can't help striking
YAY!!! YIPPIEE!! WHEEEE!!! DONEE... happy wtf

2)Page12 Question1-60% 100% done
(This is not really an assignment..Just wanted to do it to let my lecturer mark)
*yay happy wtf =D

Contract Notes (ongoing)
*had to redo my whole A levels notes..
**Cuz the original one is in a mess
*** A Levels Contract and LLB contract same stuff..

10% -_-
(eh at least finish Offer and Acceptance k -_- now for Consideration =D)

Well thats it for Assignment status =D
Hopefully I get to strike off the page7 assignment later -_-

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Gosh..I finally got bored of Maple Story -_- zzzz
And I've Finished House season3 -_- yes old story..
(only because someone lost the DVD =D)

Nah GunZ is still the best game to release stress
At least you can actually kill someone in the game
Shoot him in the head, nade him, Butterfly him
*Butterfly is a sword-based-skill in the game..

Anyhow...Looking for House season 4 DOUGGGG!!!!!
And GTH ain't patching for me zzzzzzzzz
And no..Not Go To Hell...
Its Gates To Heaven =D

The first 3D MMORPG...
Mother of Perfect World, WoW, GW, you name it...
My first MMORPG too..ahh sweet memories...

Anyhow..My dad is recuperating better today ^-^
More visitors expected on Monday..
Continue to pray for him yeah..
As well as for the reports... (good reports plz >.<)

Oh...Ima be a driver too -_-
Ja~ I'm done...zzzzz

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Operation done successfully...
Now waiting for report which will be due next Friday
Thanks for the prayer and support ^-^

Keep praying for the report.
That it will be good news

ja~ Thats all for now ^-^

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Thursday, October 9, 2008
People -_-

There are actually People who reads my blog..
Wow.. haha..
Maybe now wont so emowtf already hahaha

Anywayz.... Thanks for all the concerns and care
My dad appreciates it very very very very much!
He is as calm as can be...
And sometimes he acts as if nothing is wrong with him
(he just finished nagging my sister and my brother -_-)

Well his surgery is scheduled for this Saturday
Pray for his surgery as well as recovery
And that there won't be anymore bad cells in his body
So that he doesn't need to go through Chemotherapy
Yes Chemo sucks big time...
Bad for the good cells as well as the hair -_-

Ja~ till later...

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008
He is in the Driver Seat

Ain't it simple?
If he can handle it...
We can too!
We are prepared...
I am sure He has plans for him

We will support him
And let Him do everything
Its simple..
We have to learn to trust in Him
Believe in Him
He is in the driver seat..

We shall take backstage and support
We feel neither fear nor sad
For He is in the Driver Seat

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008
Things That I Am Into ATM

Well Hullo again...
Being bored, I decided to blog about what I am currently into
This includes, Games, Anime, Manga, MMORPGs, Series, Dramas bla bla bla

Lets Start off with :


Ja~ only one at the moment..
MAPLE STORY T-One Private Server

haha... Yes its childish...but I got dragged into playing this by Kenneth -_-
And its not official server so no hardcore..just level fast....and have fun..
I will probably get bored of this in a week or two

For those of you who wish to play clickie HERE

Currently watching The Four (TVB series)
Quite a nice show

Watching this shows reminds me of when I am small
When I used to admire those TVB actors doing cool Kung-Fu powers
hahah Watching this brings back lotsa memories..
So far 11/24 episodes and the storyline is quite okay...

Good set of cast too..lotsa leng zai and leng luiz ^-^


Raymond Lam 林峰
Ron Ng 吴卓羲
Sammul Chan 陈键锋
Kenneth Ma 马国明
Natalie Tong 唐诗咏
Kate Tsui 徐子珊
Selena Li 李诗韵
Shirley Yeung 杨思琦
Dominic Lam 林嘉华

Those who wants to catch this series....
You can either find it at Wai Teng's Blog or at D Addicts


Still chasing the famous two..
This two doesn't seem to end..
Can anybody guess it?

catch the manga (not anime) at CLICK


To follow this manga... clickie HERE

Another Series I am following is
House Md...

For this one..I can't help you cuz I also take from friend hahaa
But I am sure you guyz are smart enough to google right?
now now don't be lazy -_-

Right... Now on to Anime!!

Without One Piece... the word Anime is non-existant
Geeze its still ongoing even at 37x episodes -_-

Well there are a few fansubbers..
KaizokuFansubs are quite behind..but they give quality

Vegapunk is not bad..but atm they are lagging behind too..
But they still give up to date raws...

is soso...its up to date......but sigh I wish they were more consistent
but they are fast and offer alot of anime

Last but not list... GUNDAM 00!!!

WOOT 2nd season is commencing..
currently downloading wheeee!!!

there are two fansbbers subbing which I think
Gives quality fansubbing
They are Conclave-Mendoi and NyoroN
Feel free to switch in between the two to get updated..
Both are quite fast LOL..
But conclave-mendoi tend to slack off sometimes..

ja~ long posts....hahaha (not that anybody reads..emowtf)

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Hey All.

Sorry for not posting for such a long time
(Not That Anybody Reads)
Lol but syok sendiri la lol
Been playin Maple Story for the past few days haha
Yes its a childish game...but its a private server
So I don't mind playing for a bit cuz leveling is quite fast
Well I'll probably get bored in a week or so..

Tomorrow Class is gonna start again >.< sienZz~
Ja~ Btw I friggin hate Streamyx..
No not for the normal reasons...
The idiotic ISP banned all P2P making Torrents undownloadable for us
Stupid right?~
HL lo this time? how to download Gundam00?
Die Die Die Die I need my Gundam and One Piece Fix!!!! ARghhh!!~~

If I ever find out who the idiotic President of TMNUT is...
I'll Pull his pants down in public grrr~
But Anyhow....Nice to be back to blog again =D

Had an Awesome time last week when my parents were off at Penang
Yes I know they are reading my blog
haha but I shan't Reveal what I did ^-^
I Know What You Did Last Raya wtf -_-

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008
A hot debate =D

Chee Wai and Douglas was talking about principles but got it all wrong sia -_-
But as a future lawyer...ain't easy for them hahaha

C.W: That Josiah ah....See this see that...always want this want that..(referring to the
ACER desktop that i was mentioning)
Langsung no principles..
Douglas: Ya lor....
Josiah: .....
C.W: Me and Doug ah....nvr salivate at all at cars, phones, laptop...
Josiah: (continues to .... and asess the situation)
C.W: When we want that time only we will check the stuff out.. For example
Josiah nvr check the phone out before buying..
Josiah: My cash what..... I got the ability to buy this...if dont like change la lol
Douglas: this is called self justification
Josiah: (defense mode) No ah.. not hard to use at darn easy... chee wai dunoe how to use
only ma....zzzzz
C.W: No principles...wanna chg then chg.. last time say dont like PDA then now using PDA

* at this point the goal opened up...Josiah Counter attack..

Josiah: But I am not using PDA.. Which part of S.E P1i says its a PDA?
S.E never advertised this phone as a PDA anyway
Douglas: Its a smart phone
Josiah: bingo... Smart phone not PDA.. it has a keypad..
Douglas: smart phone and PDA very close
Josiah: very close..not the same right?

*douglas had to get down of balik rumah haha
Douglas: (before got down from car stun jor..nth to say)

C.W: Its a PDA la
Josiah: PDA no keypad...You see your dopod got keypad or not?
C.W: GOT!!!!
Josiah: where? on screen keyboard?
C.w: ...... Its...its different..
Josiah: what is?
C.W: ......
Josiah: mine is smartphone... yours is PDA...
C.W: .....

Haha IMO... Principles are things for example..I will never help evil that is principles.. But if you say you do not like PDA... its different... its called preferences..and preferences can change...I can say i dont like PDA today and still use it..... I mean why can't I?

haha suan la Chee Wai... =D but nice try to debate with me tho.. next time try harder =D
Don't be sad you can't win me in debate hehe
Im a future lawyer =D

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Having G.A.S but no cash wtf

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