Tuesday, March 30, 2010
OHai! =D

I Ish up to No Good again!
Bitez Mie!


Mie Thinks I Grewz Up Too Faz!

And Introducing
Kin Fai's Schnauzer
(Not sure of it's name -_-)

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Sunday, March 28, 2010
Beep Beep

Full speed ahoy!~
Examinations starts 4th of May
Gear Up!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Armageddon is like the friggin' best movie ever
I never get tired of watching it =_=
Well all this despite some inaccuracy in terms of science and what not..

Viva tomorrow..
More or less gotten the basics down
Just need to pimp it up with extra crap...

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010
What This World Needs

I feel...
This world needs a little more hope
This world needs more wishful thinking
This world needs a little more love
This world needs a little more peace
This world yes.. and it's people


I was surprised today
When one of my friends told me
Back to reality
For something as achievable as
"Getting a scholarship to do my BAR program"
"Getting RM4000 -Rm5000 starting pay cheque"

I mean.. What is there to come back to?
Isn't that part of reality?
If you don't dream
How can you possibly achieve?
By firstly having wishful thoughts
You set out to draft out a target
Having done that
You plan how to achieve that target
After planning, you execute that plan
Upon execution, either you fail or you succeed..
But that's another matter

And no..
I'm not stating as you just talk the walk without walking the talk
If you don't walk the talk
Well, its as good as bullshit
Coming back to this
I start to question
What happened to our human nature?
Our very basic need to succeed?
Where is that instinct that our forefathers once had
That instinct which propels us
Homo Sapiens to top the food chain
How are we being ingrained to loose that instinct?

But if it were so,
How then are there people like Stephen Hawking
How was one, severely disabled by a motor neuron disease
Able to be as successful as he is today?
How is it that Lim Goh Tong
Stood one fine evening on a balcony in Cameron Highland
And envisioned a casino at the top of that hill
Now known to us as Genting Highland?
Sure you say those kind of things are rare
Who am I?

No I'm not saying that I can be as successful as them
(Although it is a nice wishful thought)
I have no intention of being like them
What I want is a comfortable life
Able to put my children through a complete education
Enough to allow my parents to lead a peaceful and quiet life
That's all I ever wanted

How do you know for a fact?
That I will not get a starting salary of RM4000?
How do you know for a fact I won't be able to secure a scholarship for my BAR program?
How do YOU know for a fact?
Heck I might not even take the BAR!
If someone were to offer me a good job with a good pay
WHY should I take the BAR?
Perhaps it is not I
But you who needs to dream a little more
Perhaps it could change your life!

My friend,
Your will to succeed is too low
I have my views and you have yours
Let me work mine out
And I'll tell you how I fare
But even if I should fail
I have no regrets
I would have regret it more should I miss that opportunity

I finally now know what I want to say
Rambles of line fail to defeat what Robert Frost has to say

Robert Frost
The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I marked the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

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Monday, March 22, 2010
Right On!

You guys notice what I notice this few days?

waits for respond....
No response wtf.

Yeah.. I noticed;
If you're girl with good looks, good body, etc
Can write English, Can understand English
Does not look too "Ah Lian"
Posts LOTS and LOTS of pictures of yourself on your blog
Use those MANY MANY pictures of yourself for a Blog contest
Does not matter if those pictures are irrelevant to the contest or not
Just Upload many many pictures will do
Extra points given if you show a little flesh
You are like 99.99999% guaranteed to win a blog contest
Unless of course you are beaten by someone else prettier,
some one with a hotter body, better looks, more flesh etc

Oh extra points for being famous too
Don't forget those PS!

This is why I more or less give up on participating in blog contests


Anyhow, Melaka Pictures!

Specs are the new contact lens yo~!

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Sunday, March 21, 2010
Of Trips, Blogs and others

Just did the new header for my blog
Abit too simple
And girlish (According to Baby Girl)
Hmm.. I don't really like the font
Set fonts sucks
Hand drawn fonts ftw...
Can't do shit unless I get a tablet =s

Melaka Pictures coming up next post

*thinks of Viva..
**Shrieks in terror again

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Viva is next Saturday

*shrieks in terror


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Monday, March 15, 2010
First FML of 2010

I woke up Effing early at 7am
I thought class was at 10am
When I was halfway there
I realized that I actually had to teach tuition at 9.30am
I messaged my students telling them I had an early class
And that's why I have to postpone class

I reached college
Realized that Class was at 12pm actually
FML #1
Fine so I waited and did some notes on Burden and Standard of Proof
At 9.30am, the college messaged me saying
"Class is canceled because Lecturer had some emergency"
FML #2

So I woke up early for nothing
And canceled my tuition class for nothing


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Thursday, March 11, 2010
26th Dimension

This I Like =D
Great perspective to the 26th Dimension
Man.. I'm just too lazy to blog on my own -____-
Btw I've just upgraded my Streamyx Account to the BB deals 1mbps package
Wonder if it makes any difference =s
For starters tho.. My manga downloads seem to have sped up =D


The 26th Dimension
by Nicole Terry
Hello! And welcome to the 26th Dimension. Careful, you will encounter many unusual attractions. Please mind where you step, the floor in the 10th dimension can get a bit runny, and the walls in the 17th dimension disintegrate altogether. Of course, by the 20th dimension, the telescopic ceiling will evaporate for your mental safety, but you’ll not be able to forget the pregnant pull of event horizons on your body I promise you that. No, please don’t touch that, the material feels and shatters like wedding china.

If you look to your mirror left you should find the bloated gases of infant galaxies comforting, and to your asymmetrical right you may see carbon planets coalescing in the dense, elemental heat. Ah, yes, the explosion of faraway bangs gravid with potential, peaceful isn’t it? I must warn you, Time will dance with the oscillating furnishings before you, and after you, if you pay close attention, but, only briefly, and only with your permission.

Are you chilly? I’m sorry, but I have only a blanket of anticipatory silence to offer you. Stay close, the perverted mobiüs strips of these corners can cause confusion and loss of coordination.

Yes, these five dimensional doorways do belch an ambiguous bouquet. I smell it too. I suppose you could cry out, but the reverberation of collapsing space would swallow it before it reached the end of your face. Apologize for bringing you here? I guess I could, but who (or what?) would bother to wipe up the mess? You could leave this particular dimension, but I wouldn’t if I were you, the doorknobs tend to move with the ticking of the space-time continuum, and you would definitely get lost in some obscure year or century, and I wouldn’t want that on my record. I’m looking to be Tour Guide of the Month, you know. Yes, those bulbous masses of what seem like satisfying sofas are ages scrolling forward and backward, but rest assured, presently we are still.

No, I wouldn’t open my eyes just yet, infinity multiplied by infinity tends to stare back, I’m afraid. Even if we did remove, odds are we’ll begin again at the end, so it’s best to just move on to the end of the beginning, don’t you agree? We’re nearly around the room. So glad you noticed, the day breaks (and quite literally too!) here, often, while strange geometrically impossible shapes flap against that upside stairwell. Nothing equals nothing, so something refuses to exist here.

Speaking of something, some thing with slobbering jaws and comfortable shoes just floated past your shoulder, and I think you’ve begun to grow a sixth appendage from your ribcage. No matter, the water still tastes like water every other Friday, and like cotton on every opposing Tuesday, that is, when such concepts as “Friday” and “Tuesday” bother to exist. I’m Contradictory? I suppose it may seem so. I can’t tell anymore, I’ve been here a long time. At least, I think I have. It’s difficult to know, all the clocks here are figured in modular arithmetic. Well, believe me, I don’t mean to be cryptic, but numbers are theoretical here. No, if you lean against that wall, you’ll lose viscosity, and you wouldn’t want that, would you? I know you’re tired, but we’re nearly through. See? Here’s the way in again. Oh, you needn’t worry about anything, your senses will reconstitute when you return to your own dimension.

Thank you and I do hope you enjoyed the tour. For your pleasure, there is a universal whiskey bar that serves cosmic-strength caffeinated coffee at the opposite end of the spectrum, a mere six billion light years to the negative sixteenth power from here, and a café that serves three dimensional tea that tastes faintly of summer ginger with a pinch of relish may open in an hour, when and if the hour decides to re-present itself.

Mind your step at the edge of Time on your way out.

© Copyright 2008 Nicole Terry ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Monday, March 8, 2010
Justice Is An Illusion

Good Reading I'll say
The author articulates perfectly what Justice really means


Justice Is An Illusion
by Art Harun (visit his blog Here)

It's really tough being a Judge. Really, I think it's a thankless job. A Judge can never do any right.

I think it was in 1996 that a soon-to-be-really-famous High Court Judge politely asked me and my opponent whether we would mind to remain in his chambers for some small talk after we had finished our hearing before him. As I had no other case to do, I obliged the Judge. So did my opponent.

He asked both of us how long we had been practising. I told him I had practised for about 10 years. He smiled and said that I could be a Judge soon (as the Federal Constitution states that a person who has been a lawyer for 10 years or more could be a Judge).

I was wondering what was in the Judge's mind. He looked tired. Something was bothering him. He looked and behaved almost like he was resigned to the hopelessness of it all. He was looking at both me and my opponent intently. There was something that he wanted to say but couldn't.

Finally he asked, "what do you think of justice?" My opponent was senior to me and so he answered first. I can't really remember what my opponent said. After he had finished saying his piece, the Judge looked at me. "What do you think?" he asked me.

I looked at him and without hesitation I said, "Judge, I don't believe in justice!" He was petrified! I know he was going to ask why the hell I was practising law then. Before he did so, I continued, "Judge, human beings are incapable of dispensing justice. Only God can do so. Justice is subjective. The winning party will say they have got justice. The losing party will never say so."

The Judge was unimpressed. He looked deep in thought. He was clearly ruffled by what I had just said. Finally, he said, "could you then tell me what me and all my brother Judges have been doing all these while. And what you and your learned friends have been doing appearing before us?"

"Judge, I am a law practitioner, not a justice practitioner. You and your brother Judges have been dispensing the law all these while. You have been applying the law. In modern societies like ours, adherence with and applying the law brings the connotation that justice is being done. That's it. Justice is a connotation. It is not real. It is a corollary of the application of the law by the Court or Judge. The real justice will only be seen when we all die."

"The law is not always just. Take the land acquisition law for example. How just is a law which permits the Government to force a landowner to surrender his land to the Government? But if the law is applied and the Court imposes a suitable compensation to be paid to the landowner, the perception is that justice is done, but is it really done?" I postulated.

"My God", the Judge said. My opponent was cringing in his seat. "I have never thought about it that way,thank you for telling me," the Judge said, his eyes brightened up a bit.

We continued to chat for a bit after that. I was telling him that jurisprudentially, I belonged to the positivist school of jurisprudence. I believe that the law and morality should be separated. After about 20 minutes, we excused ourselves. As we were going out from his chambers, the Judge said, "have a good life both of you."

We thanked him. That was the last time I appeared before that particular Judge. Two or three months later, he rocked the Judiciary with his resignation. The reason for his resignation rocked the whole Malaysia and even the world. But life goes on in this country of ours. Nothing ever changed. People like this Judge just disappear from the map and from our memory.

I last met him in an event in Subang Jaya some months ago. He was still his jovial friendly self. And he looked much happier. May God bless him with a long and healthy life as well as peace of mind.

Fast forward to the present time.

When Justice Ariff Yusof (then he was a Judicial Commissioner) dismissed Gobind Singh Deo's suit against the speaker of the Parliament for suspending him (Gobind), many articles were written and posted on the net about it. Justice Ariff was questioned why he did not follow the Federal Court's decision in one of the Perak Menteri Besar constitutional circus. The Federal Court had in one of those cases held that the Court could review the decision of a Speaker.

Under the law, a decision of a higher court is binding on a lower court. Thus the decision of the Federal Court (which is the highest court in the land) would be binding on the High Court (where Justice Ariff sits).

In dismissing Gobind's suit against the Speaker of Parliament, Justice Ariff applied the clear wording of the law as stated in the Federal Constitution, which says:

"The validity of any proceedings in either House of Parliament or any committee thereof shall not be questioned in any court."

Justice Ariff opined that while the Federal Court recognised the power of the Court to question whether an act of the Legislative Assembly has any legal basis or otherwise, any act of the Assembly which is supported by any legal basis would be immuned from such scrutiny.

In all the articles written about his decision on the net, Justice Ariff was vilified by all and sundry, especially by the supporters of DAP or the Pakatan Rakyat. Some even called him stupid. Some others even questioned his impartiality.

Last week, in yet another high profile case, Justice Ariff held that MACC did not have the power to interrogate witnesses or potential witnesses after office hours. He then ruled that MACC's action in interrogating a potential witness at night was illegal and ordered compensation to be assessed and paid to the victim.

In doing so, Justice Ariff was of course interpreting the law as it is stated in the MACC Act. That Act says any person served with an order shall attend for examination and shall continue to do so "from day to day until the examination is completed" (section 30 (3) (a) of the MACC Act.

As the words "day to day" was not defined by the Act, Justice Ariff applied the literal meaning to the word and came to the conclusion that MACC does not have the right to force any person to give statement at night. Justice Ariff applied the law as he understands it. He applied the law as it is worded.

Many articles were also written about this decision, whether in the mainstream mass media or the net. The IGP made some statement which effectively ridiculed Justice Ariff's decision. The chief of MACC, while saying that MACC would abide by the ruling, was also sulking and whining like some small girls whose lollipop has been taken away.

This time the Pakatan Rakyat supporters hailed Justice Ariff as a hero of sorts. He was seen as a learned Judge who protects fundamental liberties. All the vilifications he received just after Gobind's case were quickly forgotten.

But, as I have said at the start of this article, there is no justice in this world. There is always one side which would say justice has not been served. My fellow blogger Rocky posted an article on his blog about Justice Ariff's decision. He somewhat said that Justice Ariff's decision is weird. Exactly, this is how he puts it:

"Well, I agree with blogger Syed Akbar Ali that in this case, the Court has acted really weird."

Apparently, the Scotland Yard, ICAC and Interpol could take statements at night. So, why not MACC? I must confess I do not know whether that is right. And I do not know what the law governing those bodies provide in terms of taking witness statements. I would also refrain from analysing whether MACC is comparable to all those bodies in terms of performance and ethics.

Whatever it is, Justice Ariff's decision will be appealed by the Attorney General. So, let's not go into the merit of it for the time being.

The point is the comments made under Rocky's article. This time, Justice Ariff is again vilified, especially by commentators who are obviously pro-government. One of the commentators noted that Justice Ariff is a former PAS legal advisor. He then concluded that "something is not right." Basically he was insinuating that Justice Ariff was being dishonest.

Another commentator asked whether Justice Ariff had any problem with the MACC. Perhaps the most unfair comment was this:

"Param Tak Suara said...

So how much did Karpal pay the judge?"

A Judge's good work will only last and be appreciated until his next decision which is unfavourable to the relevant party. That is obvious. Many of us have somewhat forgotten how Justice Ariff had conducted himself in accordance with the best tradition of the Judiciary. When the Nizar v Zambry case was fixed for hearing before Justice Ariff, he quickly made it known to all parties that he was a PAS legal advisor. He then invited arguments on whether he should disqualify himself. He later disqualified himself from hearing that case after listening to all parties interested.

That was how conscientious Justice Ariff was.

In Gobind's case he ruled against Gobind. What did that say about Justice Ariff's impartiality, considering that he was a PAS advisor? And now in the MACC case, he applied the law as he understands it. In doing that, he held against the MACC, and consequently the government.

To half of the world, he dispensed justice in all those cases. To the other half, he was a dishonest and partial Judge.

I think I have made my point.

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Friday, March 5, 2010
StarCraft II! MotherShip!


And Now It Is Known As

BattleNet Yo Mommaship Jokes

Un-Nerf it wtf!


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Thursday, March 4, 2010
I Friggin' Hate:

6.30pm-9.30pm classes
(We're not part time students OKAY?)

Saturday and Sunday Classes
(Dude.. wtf?)

Seriously Brickfields Asia College needs to look into its policy
We are full time students
So Friggin' give us a full time class type of schedule!
Wtf with 6.30 classes and Saturday and even Sunday classes and what not?
I damnnnn pantang people touch my Weekends
Its my rest day.. grrrr

And to those people who say
"What if I get a job which requires me to work on Saturday?"
Damn right I will oppose my superiors..
Heck if I know i need to work on Saturday..
I wont even give that job a chance.
I'm not a kuli okay WTF

Side track abit..
Workers in Malaysia are one of the overworked people
Yet they earn like shit...
Ever thought of that?
Follow the rules what for?
bull shit

Anyway back to topic..

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