Sunday, May 31, 2009
Have You McValue Lunch-ed Today?

Have You McValue Lunch-ed yet?

If you haven't hurry!!
You still have 5 hours to win the IPhone
The contest ends at 12 am tonight

Hehe.. here is my own submission
Just check it out aight? ^^

Have You McValue Lunch-ed Today?

Short but sweet ^^

To join the contest..

Contest Frm

Well hurry!! 5 more hours..
Good luck ^^

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Saturday, May 30, 2009
Happy 4th Monthly-versary Baby^^

Baby its out 4 month ^^
I'm so happy that we made it this far..
Its not long.. But yeah ^^
We did simple stuffs today
Burger King. Terminator:Salvation. Baskin Robins ^^
I hope baby girl enjoyed today ^^
Although the damn GSC gave us front seats which gave me a minor headache till now
But all is good...^^

We saw the Starcraft Archive at Borders for rm 67 ^^
I will definitely get it...
Hmm and should I work during the holidays?
When I think of office work...
I think of ING
When I think of ING I get scared
They overwork their workers..
I don't wanna get paid peanuts to be a slave grrr
Any flexible job to intro me please?

Also any primary and form 1-2 Kids wants maths tuition?
Teaching tuition is the best job at the moment
It's easy and fun? and the pay is not bad =p

1) Any good flexible Jobs with good pay?
2) Any primary school kids, Form 1-2 Kids wants Maths tuition?

My qualification for No.2- UPSR,PMR,SPM- Maths A (=
And Maths... not Add Maths -_- thats a whole different level .______.
Please drop me a mail at if you have any opinions and ideas thanks ^^


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Thursday, May 28, 2009
Starcraft Archive!

Awesome novel!
I Swear I'll Get This Book

To The Person Who Said That You Will Buy
And Now Go Back On Your Words
Whatever Man!
I'll Get It MYSELF
Along with Starcraft Dark Templar Saga

Kim Jung Hoon

p/s-When will StarCraft II be released? .________.
Takin' em forever >.<


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Monday, May 25, 2009

Some updatez on whats been going on =p
I know I went "missing" since Friday =p
Cuz, I had a movie Marathon on Friday with Baby Girl (=

Friday 22/05/09 started with a "Cheong K" session with my college mates
Baby Girl joined us too..
Although she abit paiseh hehe
Initially Baby Girl and I wanted to go watch movie in the afternoon
Since my Gang like half dead like that..
No sound No breath (Mou seng Mou hei -_- [Cantonese])
But in the end they went Cheong K, so we joined em..

Then around 6.30pm, Baby Girl and I went for our first movie
Which is Night At The Museum 2: Battle Of The Smithsonian

It was hilarious =p
Ben Stiller as usual outdid himself (=
A really good movie

At 7.50pm, Baby Girl and I bought the tickets for "I Corrupt All Cops"
Then we saw the Thai Movie "Fireball screening at 7.50
Since the "ICAC" show doesnt start till 9.40pm and Fireball finishes at 9.25pm
We decided to buy Fireball movie tickets as well

Fireball was gruesome!!
The fights was awesome though..
Really regretted that I did not learn Martial Arts
Lots of lengzais to see too
And no I'm not gay =p
Their body is freaking awesome lol!

At 9.40pm we watched "ICAC"

Another really good show..
Talking about the corruptness of Hong Kong's Police before ICAC was formed.
The police man are like street thugs!
A really eye opener (=
Not sure if this still goes on in Malaysia or not =p

Saturday 23/05/09

Went out with Elaine to do some shopping =p
Bought something special for someone (=
Ignored Baby Girl the whole day..
She was emo-ing and mang zhang-ing..
And yet I didn't know
Sorry for being so useless Baby Girl )=

Went Poppy that night to celebrate Kenneth's and Zi Hao's birthday
Lazy to upload pictures -_-
Didn't take much anyway
Haha Dragged Elaine along and she felt bored -_-
Sorry wei -_-
Went home at 3.30am or something..
Slept till 7.30am and went church for duties =p
Still felt really wasted XD

Sunday 24/05/09

Came home from church
Slept till 6pm
Was supposed to go Midvalley at 5.30pm..
But I overslept.
C.W called me at 6pm and I rushed out at 6.10pm
Reached Midvalley at 6.27 (Movie theater entrance)
-.- Don't even start to guess how fast I went..
Actually not really fast..
Just did lots of cutting here and there =p

Watched Angels and Demons with the Church group..

Not bad of a show..
Good acting by Tom Hanks.
Lazy to give synopsis of the show
Go watch it =p
Don't wanna spoil it for you

Then went to have dinner with Aaron, Tamie and Edmund
At Kim Gary MV...
Chee Wai, Doug, Charles went for meeting somewhere
The service at Kim Gary was really bad..
Menu system is all heywire
The attitude of their Waiters and Waitresses are just foul
I hope they will improve their services..
Really deteriorated alot from the first time they started Business here in Malaysia

After that, went to pool with them
LoL my pool skills really gone case dy.. )=
After pool-ing we went to yum cha at Cheras BRJ
Watched Newcastle match till Halftime
I think Newcastle got relegated.. kelian

Spent too much this week )=

Time to save now =p
That about summed up this 3 days ^^

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Exams are done!!!
WootZ.. CLR was better than I thought..
Well. I think at least...

On a side note..
Some people are just so egoistic sigh...
Why must so damn big scale? -_-




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Thursday, May 21, 2009

CLR will be the Death of ME


I Hate it!!! Arghhhh
WTF do I need to learn something inapplicable D=<

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Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm Happeh with my Criminal Exam Paper today (=
Good Job Good Job
3 Down.. 1 To Go ^^

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Friday, May 15, 2009
Spontania Feat. Yuna Ito 伊藤由奈 - Ima Demo Zutto 今でもずっと

Beautiful Collaboration
Beautiful Vocals..
What else can I say about Yuna Ito?
As usual.. Really good singers..
And Spontania.. Kinda old..
But hell they can sing..

Hard to find this kind of collaboration anymore..
There are only a handful of English singing artistes which can match this kind of performance
More and more coming from Japan and Korea (=

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Sigh T-T

Exams for Contract Law..
Who ever knew it would be so tough?
Hoping for the best..
And I did studied..
The question was very very tricky..
I don't know how to put my answer in at all
Damn -_-

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009
I Wanted To...

I wanted to switch off the air-conditioning today
In a bid to make sure I help my parents save on Electricity bills
Which are gob-smackin' expensive

Its So DAMN HOT and warm!!!
How la?
I swear that the weather in Malaysia is getting to the extreme
I'm not lying..
I've not felt this kinda warmth HeaT before
Maybe the end is near...

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Monday, May 11, 2009
1 Down.. 3 To Go

Hanging on here
Done with Public Law Finally @_@
It was like a huge pressure dropped when it was done
Reached home..
Settled some issues and fell asleep
Hopefully I'll get the marks I want


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Friday, May 8, 2009

Remember there was this certain article that I wrote?
Dated Wednesday, April 15, 2009 (The Race is On)
Click the archive for April 2009 and find this post

Well I wrote something which reads like this

"What doesn't kill me makes me stronger
Right? Right?!"
(Referring to my looming exams.. God bless those Examiner's Souls)

Well.. I recant it...
I take my words back!!!
ALL of em!!!

I'm going out of my mind
It's so damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn HOT!!!!! PANASS!!!!
WTF is wrong with this "fucuk" weather har? har? har?

And if the weather is not enough
TmNet decides to aggravate my already over heating self
How? You might ask
Why...By giving me shit connections (again... kns babi) of course!!..

Exams+BLOODY HOT WEATHER+ Shit connection = Recipe for sickness
Why am I not born somewhere with 4 seasons?
At least i only suffer summer for a short period..
But no...
This is long periods of warmth HEAT we're taking about
I can even feel it with my air conditioner blasting
Arghh God Bless Malaysia...Please don't let it melt )=

Btw GG at Perak yesterday huh? sickening lol

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Monday, May 4, 2009
Cameron Retreat and Exams to Come >.<

I am back finally..
Well, actually I was back since yesterday
Today only update (tsk tsk laziness)

Well all I can say it was crazy Jam all the way up
You have no idea..
We left Sri Petaling around 9.30 am
Including lunch at Ipoh, we reached our destination at 6.30
Try counting how many hours we spent in the car?
It was crazy..
And I don't mean the highway jams..
The highway itself was also jamming alittle
But the bad part was actually jam in Cameron Highland itself
Can you imagine your car's engine?
I certainly saw much broke downs yesterday @_@

See I wasn't lying when I said it was crazy jam all the way up

When I finally reached
Look at the green scenery
Breath taking ain't it?

The Place where we stayed
Luther Mission Bangalow

Nice Right?

Cozy and warm inside

They even have a fire place o.O

One of the many get together sessions
The adults were reminiscing the old days lol

*Pardon my sister -_-

More Scenery Pictures

The way into the place where we are staying
Super deep in ^^
2nd Day
We beh tahan edy
We needed the Wifi
Simply because I need to make an attack on Utopia,
And my friends need contact with the outside world lol

What better place with free Wifi and nice coffee?
Starbucks of course!!!
Lol Chermayne.. I forced her to do this XD

My Siblings and I

My family and I

Group Picture!

There are more pictures.. but as usual
I am too lazy to upload all
The whole idea of the trip was to relax
So we didn't go to many places
Not that we haven't went before

Ah.. on a side note..
I will not be updating regularly from
11th-21st May...
Exams week much
Wish me Luck )=

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Friday, May 1, 2009
Happy 3rd Monthly-Versary Baby Girl (=

Baby Girl..
We come quite far to this stage..
Already 3rd month..
I know its not as good as those with 10 year or even 1 year record
But who cares?
We love each other
And we're still going pretty strong
Despite the ups and downs..
I love you much baby girl (=

We celebrated our 3rd Month at Sakae Sushi in Sunway Pyramid
Original plan was actually Jogoya..
But we kinda got conned by their statement
"This voucher is only valid till 30th April"
Seeing that..
We were kinda "wootz"
Cuz the last day that the voucher can be used
Coincides with our 3rd Month Celebration

Jeng Jeng Jeng

When we called Jogoya up to reserve a place
We were told that the voucher cannot be used
Because 30th is the eve of a Public Holiday
Which is Labour Day which falls on 1st May
KNN right?

I was kinda pissed...
Why can't they write valid till 29th April then?
Knowing that 1st May is a universal holiday
Pokgai betul
At least then I could've make some minor adjustment to my schedule
I had already put Tution Teaching on the 29th April
How to go dinner then?

Say bye bye to my support lar Jogoya..
I also hear that their receptionist super LC
And very rude..

In the end we went to Sakae Sushi
(Sakae Sushi Webbie)
And in my opinion..
Its more worth it compared to Jogoya
For the price less than that of Jogoya
We ate till we are stuffed and "bao bao" edy

We went to collect Baby Girl's I/C from Endah Parade
Had our lunch at Mc Donalds hehe..
Since we were thinking of joining the Blog Contest for
"Have You McValue Lunched (tm) this week?=)"
(I did! I did! I did! nyahahaha)

Baby wants to try and win the Apple IPhone ^^
And so we ordered their McValue Lunch
As the name says..
Its really McValue for my money
We ate until we're stuffed
And the meals were just regular size
Not even Large yet @_@

Suffice to say
I had a very good lunch at Mc Donalds Endah Parade
Their McChicken tasted awesome as ever
Their McFries are..
Undescribable....Crispy, Crunchy, and McTasty!!! (nyammmm)
McDonald's I'm Lovin' It ^^
After that..
We went to college as I had class today
Despite having watched the Manchester United game against Arsenal yesterday,
(Man U won 1 - 0 woooohooo GG ^^)
I was feeling quite energetic due to the McValue Lunch ^^
And thus could concentrate in Class ^^

Random old pic..
The 20 Mc Fillet o Fish

I still remembered some of my friends ate 4 burgers that night
Funny as hell ^^
After my class ended,
We hung around with Rou Yi and Joon Wye
After which we went to Sunway Pyramid to Jalan-Jalan ^^
Baby Girl said that it was a long time since she went on Jalan-Jalan session
Kelian de Baby..
She has been working so hard for her A-Levels Exams )=
Sometimes I wish I can bring her out shopping more..
Don't worry Baby Girl..
After our Exams.. I promise (=
We go shopping k? (Can add the word "spree" ah? T-T)

The dinner at Sakae was awesome!
Their Sushi still fresh as ever
And the setting was just nice (=
Romantic sia =p
Not as romantic as Candle Light Dinner lar..
But still nice =p (maybe cuz it was a lil bit dark =p)

After dinner..
We went back to my house for abit
Needed to rest for while
The fatigue was setting in from lack of sleep
Only slept like 2 hours due to the Man U Game T-T
Then we went over to Douglas' Condo where the
Phos Youths were having some kinda Pot Luck Party
We went just in time for deserts nyammmmmm ^^
Had Ice Cream ^^ (I'm getting fat.. I swear)
Had games and then poor Baby Girl had headache
So when everything ended..
I fetched her home
Since I was too tired to go out yum cha anyway (=

And.. thats it.
Our lovely 3rd Monthly-versary ^^
I'm so glad we're still together hehe ^^
Thanks for taking care of me when I am down and tired
Like now T-T
Kinda panicked for doing last minute packing
For tomorrow's trip to Cameron while being tired..

Okay I know what you guys are thinking
"Enough Of The Talking Already"
On To The Pictures Please!!! ^^

See... Baby Girl Happy Happy sia ^^(actually looked forced lol)

She look bengang-ed.. Don't Know Why @_@

Finally a sweet picture of her

Baby Girl's Favorite ^^ Green Tea Ice Cream

Kyute hehe

Om noM nOm NoM NoM ^^;;

Thanks Sakae Sushi For Making Our 3rd Monthly-versary A Meaningful One ^^
Your Sushies are very tasty and delicious
Your new digitalized online menu service is so user friendly and wonderful (=
Good job.. This trip will not be my last ^^

Oh well..
Thats about it
Gtg for now...
I will be going to Cameron Highlands tomorrow
With my family and some other friends families too
Gonna go up there..
Relax and soak in some studies..
Wish me luck

p/s-I do hope that Luther Bangalow has Wifi our at least some form of Internet Connection
I have to make some important attacks on Utopia Genesis Server
And if there is no wifi there.. I'm pretty much screwed )=

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