Monday, February 21, 2011

Why are you here for?
What are you doing here?
What are your goals?
What are your aims?
What are your ideals?
What is your priority?

Remind yourself
Stay on course
Get back on track
Les' you stray from the goals you have perceived

Step up your effort
It is definitely not enough
More and more
Don't even think for a second you're fine
It's an ongoing process
That's why you feel as if you had gone nowhere

Bring It On!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011
17th February and 18th February

Thank you guys for the craziness lol
It was a miracle that I was still able to wake up and get myself to London
Anyhow, thanks for all the birthday wishes =D
I thoroughly enjoyed myself that night
Although I can't remember what I did that night .___.

And finally I got my 2nd care package from my parents
Loads of Cinta Asam Laksa (they're the best!)
Some drinks and some other random stuff

The RAF museum was awesome
I spent around 5 hours at the museum and had to force myself to get out
Loads of Aircraft and fighter jets as well as WWII era bombers

The Phantom

Top the night off with Chinese dinner and Blood Brothers play at the Phoenix Theater
Thanks to my cousin Vivian jie jie


Oh b.t.w the Blood Brother songs are stuck in my head
I think Natasha Hamilton made a superb Mrs. Johnston =o

I also think I'm weird
I like metal but also love Musical plays
I'm weird just like that

Phoenix Theatre

p/s- I just have weird fetishes for fighter jets =s

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Monday, February 14, 2011
Consumer Power

I love the way they protect consumer rights in the UK
So this post goes out to those retailers, sellers and whatever you are
Thank you for putting consumers first
I don't know how to get back to the Malaysian attitude when I get home
You guys gave me a really good impression of the business attitude here
Keep it up!

As for Malaysia..
You have much to learn..
But yet you are too thick headed to learn
So screw yourself
Consumer is power
Consumer is and will always be right

Except of course for Joon Wye
He is an irrational bastard lol

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Sunday, February 13, 2011
For Naught

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Introducing Jess II

The newest addition to the family..
Jess II
She is a Flamed thru Black Les Paul shaped guitar

Her specifications
Body: Mahogany with Cream Binding
Neck: Maple neck, Set Neck with Cream Binding
Fingerboard: Rosewood, 22 Frets, Scale Length- 24.3/4
Inlay: Pearl "Tophat" styled inlays
Headstock: Black with Chrome Grover Machine Heads
Hardware: Chrome Gotoh Floyd Rose
Pickups: DV8 Neck Pickup, DV8 Bridge Pickup, Alnico Humbuckers
Controls: 2 Tone, 2 Volume, 3 Way Toggle Switch
Truss Rod: 2-Way Dual Action
Color: Flamed Thru Black

What does the above specifications tell you?
If I were to change the Humbuckers to the P-90 classic
What kind of guitar would you think that specifications resembled?
*Okay maybe take away the Floyd Rose and replace it with Tune-O-Matic, Stop Bar
Now what do you think?

An Epiphone Les Paul Custom?!
Well, surprise, the above is not an Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Neither is it tailored specifically for me =p
She is an Indie Guitar Co. ILP Gotoh Floyd Rose
Founded in England and Manufactured in Korea

MiK = Epicness in quality

I know I am not even 60% good yet
But I know a good sound when I hear one
*No I'm not biased =p
The tone is as ballsy as a Gibson
(I bet if you replaced the Humbuckers with a Gibson burstbucker you'd probably suckered yourself into believing it to be an actual Gibson =D)
But that said, it can never be compared to a Gibson
It's like a Gibson but its just not
But hey for the price, I'm satisfied =D
But I'd say it surpassed the Epiphone LP Custom though

It's solid and has a nice feel
The set neck is perfect for accessing the upper frets
(in particular the 21st-22nd frets)
The best thing about this guitar is that
I do not have to worry about meeting someone with the same guitar in Malaysia
I think all in all there would be less than 100 players with this guitar in Malaysia
An Indie Guitar, nobody knows about it sadly
And I have to admit that I've stumbled upon this beauty by chance as well
(On e-bay too.. tell me about the scare)

It's a well known general rule that you shouldn't buy guitars off E-bay
This is due to the scams and what not
But all in all, this guitar isn't famous enough to be replicated... yet
So I decided to go for it
(Anyway consumer protection in the UK is a very big thing)
The DV8 pickups are alright, not as heavy as I'd like it to be but still sounds good
(Maybe I need to up my skill levels first =p)

So because I'm not good at this yet
(Neither have I found out how to record the audio and visual yet)
Here is a video of a guy playing it at the NAMM 2009

Best thing is it's a LP with a Floyd Rose
(however when I get bored of the hassle I'd probably get a Stop Bar guitar -_-)

So there we go
My new baby

Oh before I stop
There is one thing about the price that I must mention
I still can't believe the price I paid for this baby
Floyd Rose Guitars usually costs above MYR2k in general
A Licensed Ibanez Floyd Rose will cost about MYR2.5k
I got a Gotoh one and it stays in tune like an angel
Go figure

p/s- Just incase anybody wonders, Jess II only cost me below MYR1900

Grover Machine Heads

Flamed Maple Top

Pearl Top Hat Inlays

Top Hat Tone/Volume

Get set



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Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Happy Belated CNY Yo!

Too busy having fun to post up a New Year Message to whoever is reading this blog
Its too empty to even matter rofl!

Let's see... lots of people have been asking me
a) How's CNY in UK?
b) How's your CNY holiday?

Well to answer the above..
a) Everything goes on as usual here (sadly)
b) I have classes on Chor Yat.. (go figure)

But all in all
It wasn't too bad really..
CNY Eve we had dinner with occupants of House 64 and 60 of Miskin Street
(Don't ask me why it's called Miskin Street maybe they wanna be miskin.. beats me)

CNY Chor Yat we had Bakuteh mmmMMMmmmm
(When you have not have had bakuteh for 8 friggin' months, it feels like heaven)
I swear If you're Chinese and dislike bakuteh = blasphemy =_=

Second Day we had another dinner - Steamboat =D
This time adding people from Hertfordshire as well

And that night we got tipsy.. not drunk.. just tipsy hahaha!

And now they are planning for Chap Goh Mei haha..
I guess when you are far from home, any occasion to celebrate is..
Well an occasion to celebrate! =D
Having said that, CGM is another 10 more days or so from now
Till then, its tutorials tutorials and oh-wait-FML-Assignments-OMFG and tutorials
Have I mentioned the Assignments that I've yet to receive? FML

And yes...
I still want to Sing K .____.

Oh few more pictures of my camera being raped ;__;

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