Tuesday, September 28, 2010
I'm At Cardiff

After so long
I can finally say
I am at Cardiff/Caerdydd!

I know baby girl is missing me alot
Sometimes I hope she can just be happy
(yes baby I'm gossiping about you)

I want her to know she runs through my mind every other day
I am happy and enjoying here
But I know that does not make me love her any less or miss her any less
I love her more than I could ever
So baby stop being emo-kia or I'll bite you grar!

Anyhow Cardiff is great
Getting chilly since its early Autumn
My room is fantastic
(it had better be considering the price my parents paid)
Had the biggest spending after a long time
To get everything done from internet to fees to bedding
but almost everything is settled now
We should see a drop in expenses..

The only thing left is my Phone
Which I have to wait for my bank card to be eligible to apply for a postpaid plan
(yes the one with free phone)
Not only that but the plans are surprisingly much more value for money compared to pre-paids
So I guess Phones will only come in about 2-3 weeks time..
Meanwhile I'll be using Lebara..
However I feel a little reluctant to reload 5 quids in...
For fear of lack of usage..
Guess its just wait and see

There will be enrollment tomorrow..
Surprisingly I am able to wake up on time and early
Probably my time still adjusted to Malaysian Timing
So my 7am is like Malaysian 2pm
Note to self: get that cheap digital alarm clock asap!

Well I guess that's it for not
One of the great times marked online for my future musings
Good Night (=

8.3.1 baby girl (=

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Friday, September 17, 2010
Parker wha?!~

Baby Girl and her Mum got me this
Hopefully I'll use it to the fullest
Signing big time contracts hahahaha

Thank You Aunty!
And most of all..
Thank You Baby Girl!
Ai Wuviieee Youeey!


Aww specially for me (=

This pen's ink is gonna be on big ass contracts =D

hehe.. Really specially for me


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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thanks for today guys

Baby Girl, Kenneth Yeo, Paulynn Tan, Wayne Kang, Annie Paan

It may seem like a simple outing
But to me, I really treasure this moment alot
Despite having to stress out while waiting for my visa
My original plan was to actually have fun for the few final weeks before I fly off
But due to visa applications and shit like that I couldn't
So this is just one of those time that I really enjoyed myself alot

So again Thank you guys! Arigato Gozaimasu

Baby And I
So chan sui arh the faces...

Kenneth and Paulynn

Couple of the day
Wayne and Annie lol

Thank you guys!

And ofc Baby Girl!

Aiyo.. like a Japanese Doll nia

This is for Adam, Viona, and Hon Chin (although I know Hon Chin has genuine reasons lol)

More Kite pictures coming
Waiting for Baby to send me them pictures (=

Free Like the Kites..

7 more days

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby is off to Langkawi till Saturday..

Btw did I mentioned I absolutely hate making my visa?
RM24 just for car park
8 bloody hours stuck in a small office
So much so I'm starting to feel claustrophobic
Yes.. I hate making my visa.. zzzz

Now I just hope that the damned thing comes before 20th

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Well.. it's September..
21 more days before I'm schedule to fly...
I've not done my visa yet...
The university is giving me hell..


On the side note
I'm trying my best to enjoy everyday with Baby Girl and my family..
We stopped counting our Monthly-versary since the 5th month
August was an exception.. it's been 19 months since we first got together

Baby I don't love you as much as I did from the first month
No.. In fact I love you even much more than when I first met you
We were supposed to celebrate it together..
But thanks for spending the time with my family as well..
We have both transcend from the "just the two of us" status
It involves our family as well now..
This is how committed I am to you

I Looooooveeeee Youuu!!!
Much more than you can ever imagine!
We have 22 more days or so left..
So lets spend it together happily (=

Thank you so so so so so much for your prezzie baby
All the expensive stuffs let you bought liao )=
The Fossil watch that I had been eye-ing for so long

Mine is on the Left, Baby's on the Right




Tiffie Tarak! =p

I'm really sorry that I couldn't get you anything nice in return
Everything I had I spent on my guitar )=
I'm pretty useless I know
Maybe next time I can use my guitar skills to serenade you to bed

LDR is going to be hard baby
But I promise you this
I want to go all the way with you
You're the one!
Remember your promise to me?
We're gonna do this together
And when the time comes
We will look back and say to ourselves
We defeated Time, Space and Limitations!

Well 22 more days...
I wanna be with you every minute and every second..
Lets make this moment count (=
I love you muchie

*more pictures to come as soon as I get the camera back from my dad
Moar pics

My watch model

Ja Good Night

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