Monday, August 31, 2009

I can sleep in late
I do not have to go to work
Hello studying world =p

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night =D

I heard the results for the University Of London
Bachelor In Law Intermediate is out!!!

And so far Thank God
So far all I heard was good news (=
There are several more friends who couldn't access the website located


Well which leads me to my next point
Everybody knows students and staffs of UOL are bright people
Smart people
Well... Why can't they provide some mirror sites?
Which will help to divert traffic to different locations
This little effort will also help to lessen load on the main server
And people won't die from anxiousness from reloading
Keyboards, too, will not die from excessive pressing of the "F5" button
Sounds like people at the UOL aren't that bright after all

To those who haven't got their results yet due to the heavy network traffic
Don't be afraid
(of course when I say don't be afraid I don't mean that I can help)
But, go for a nice warm drink
Chill around, take a nap, take a hike whatever..
Calm your fears a little
I won't say by doing that you will get good results
But even if you have a premonition that you failed
It's not the end of the world if you REALLY fail
It's only the end when you give up or dead buried 6 feet under

Until then, it's not the end
There are still other options available
What matters most is your willingness to learn from your past mistake
And to take that lesson and turn your mistake into success
Even if you tried your best and still fail
It's still okay..
You have tried your best.
Maybe this isn't whats best for you
You will never know till you step out and try something else

But back to this topic
I'm very happy for my friends who passed
You guys rock socks to be able to pass this tough exam
And although I did not take the exam with you guys
I remembered the times when we sat for the A-Levels examination together
How we trembled when we got our results =p
It's true that UOL is way tougher than my UWE examinations
But as long as all of us puts in effort to study
I guess its about the same
Minus the anxiety @_@

I really hope your results are the ones you all hope for (=
And for many of my friends,
I know they are pretty contented..
Good job guys
It's gonna be a good night for some of you indeed (=

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

1 Week more
I Can't Wait
LoL Does sounds like I'm getting out of Jailed don't I?

Anyway. Spent the weekend watching
The Orphan in MidValley with Baby Girl
Crazyy stuff I'll tell you guys
Psychopathic crazy stuff =p
Wanna know more?
Go watch it..
Oh pee before you watch and try not to drink while watching.
You might accidentally stab your throat with the straw while watching in horror =p

I still have no idea what to do for the remainder of the holidays
Probably rest rest and rest and be fat =p
Sounds good ^^

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Can't Wait

Working really took alot of my time..
Just finished PC fair 2 weeks ago..
After that, It was KLPF @_@
Working with Olympus is getting better
There are more friends now that I've known through Olympus ^^
But its sure is tiring as hell

Now there is only a little less than 2 weeks left in my current "internship"
And I can't wait to get some rest before college starts again.
I miss having late nights, Missed hanging out with my college mates
Missed yum cha sessions
Missed talking crap in college
Missed going out for movies with Baby Girl
Missed waking up late hehe..
Well only 2 more weeks..
Just suffer two more weeks..

Although I have fun and learnt lots during this internship
But yeah, I'm still not suitable for the working world at the moment =x
I'm still too young haha
Alternating my job with house chores with Olympus part time
It taking a toll on me
As you can see I've just recovered from my Flu @_@
And now Baby Girl is ill )=
Poor baby.. she talk also sound weird.. but funny though =p

Oh well.. 'nuff said..
Can't wait for the end of this month and the remaining two more weeks of my holiday
Then I can take a break, hang out with friends
Chill around... wake up late..
Watch some movies..
And of course blog a little more =p
I'm starting to cram like 2 weeks worth of post into a single post

Ja~ Signing Off


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Monday, August 17, 2009

There is no trouble till you end up looking for one
And when there is one
Nobody wants to solve it

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Thursday, August 13, 2009
Utopia Madness

I woke up at 6Am for a Wave in Utopia
To my Horror..
They called off the wave due to inactivity
Owned =/


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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sometimes We Shut Up
Because We Do Not Want To Interfere
Because We Respect

Sometimes Things Don't Go Your Way
Too Bad.. Life Suckz
Suck It Up And Go With The Flow

Sometimes We Act Fake
Because We Do Not Want To Show How Disgusted We Are
Because We Still Think Of You As A Friend

You Have To Sit Down Awhile
And Think
Like You've Never Thought Before

Ponder And Move On
That's Life


Baby Good Luck For You Results Tomorrow
All The Best
And God Bless
Don't Worry
You will make it through this (=

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Still Sick
Random Fever
Watery Nose
New Gadget in the form of N86 8MP
3 more weeks to go
Can't Wait For Classes To Start

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Thursday, August 6, 2009
Being Sick

:Is No Fun At All
:Is Scarry As Shit Especially During These Times

In Other News
Government Of Malaysia
Wants To Censor The Internet

"The government is considering imposing an Internet filter to block "undesirable" websites, on the grounds of maintaining racial harmony in the multicultural nation, a senior official said."

Malaysiakini Source

Very Good
What A Pathetic Country
The Internet Connection Isn't Even
Good To Begin With
And Now They Wanna Start With Censorship

Censorship With Good Intentions Is Good
But Not If You Want To Misuse The Power
And Silence The Crowd
And Shut Prominent Bloggers Up
BN You're A Total Lost Case
No Hope
I Hope You Guys Get A (H1N1)
Die And Rot In Hell


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Wednesday, August 5, 2009
N86 8 GB or 5730 XM

Both with advantages and disadvantages..
How larrr =s

Time to recap what I want

I wanted a

1) Side Slide QWERTY Keypad
2) Good On Phone Camera
3) Phone capable of playing most music formats
4) Movies is a bonus
5) 3G- Although I don't use it often
4) Something that others doesn't have
5) Something with a solid feel
6) Must not be too plasticky
7) WLAN enabled
8) Good battery-life span
9) Smart Phone characteristics
10) Affordable
11) Value for money

Well this are just a few

Lets see..

The Nokia XM5730
Has a slide Keyboard
Unfortunately, its predecessor (which I had meant to buy)
The E75 has already been owned by many people
Therefore it looses its uniqueness
It has a plasticky feel
And reviews states that lights can be found leaking everywhere
Good music phone
Supports up to 16Gb (I'm happy with 4 -.-)
Stock comes with 8GB external
Phone camera not too impressive
Only 1 Led Flash
3.2 MP 30FPS video
Screen size is smaller than E75 and definitely smaller than N86
Lighter than N86
Smaller size
Supports XVID and DIVX video formats
For quality Movie watching
Carl Zeiss Lenses
Maps available
OVI enabled
WLAN enabled
Ngage Support

The Nokia N86 8GB
Slide Numeric Keypad
Good sound according to reviews
8MP On board Camera
Carl Zeiss Tessar Wide Angle Lenses (28mm wtf o.O)
Doesn't Support DIVX and XVID (but can be installed)
Maps and OVI enabled
Stock comes with 8GB internal (Huge sia)
Support up to 16GB (16+8= 24 -.-)
Huge screen
Weighty at 194grams
WLAN enabled
Dual LED flash
Comes in White finish with solid feel wtf @_@
Metalic sides O.o (too sweet T_T)
Scratch proof front
Reviews so far are good
Ngage support
Definitely looks better than 5730 T_T
Has a transmitter Fm o.O
How cool is that?
I mean set the transmitter at 105.7 fm (Light and Easy)
Play some rock music
And watch the driver next to you getting puzzled XD

The Nokia N86 8GB (8MP)

Oh Lookie..Digital Photo Frame!!

The Nokia 5730 XpressMusic
(no white colour.. Next best is Black Monochrome)

Okay.. Over Here It Doesn't Look Too Bad...

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Sick )=

I am sick )=
Damn sad..
Flu, Fever, Cough, Infected Throat
Sounds like A (H1N1) right?
Don't think so -_-
Damn the sickness..


"its only seditious racial if it is uttered against them"


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Monday, August 3, 2009

So Pc Fair is done
Lower than what I did last Pc Fair
Probably the Economy sinking lower and lower everyday
Not as many people as I had expected this time.
Made lots of new friends
And got myself exhausted.
Tomorrow work as usual
Damn why wont college start earlier )=

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