Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What are the first impression when one talks about doctors?
Of course you will think Professionals, Caring, Intellectual among others right?
But hor today i went to this hospital... lets call it XXXXXX Hospital.
The doctors did some check and put my dad into sedate condition.
He woke up around 11.30am and his doctor only came up at 1.30pm
Wtf right?
Gone la if got anything happen....
Okay that also suan le....
When the nurse told us the doctor will see us now...
When we went into the DSU... he waved us off..
WTF -_-
At that moment...I wanted to take the insincere bastard by the head...
And smash it against the wall -_-wth...
He don't wanna see us yet then don't ask the nurse call us la...ma de-_-

Anyhow....until now...the stupid doctor couldn't confirm his diagnosis..
That doctor can really die la..
I later found out from my dad he was an ex-VI student..
Instantly everything fitted perfectly..
Bloody hell Vi-ans....
useless high and mighty idiots...
They think themselves above all
But in fact they screw up and fall!
(rhymes wheee)

Anyhow.....I can easily expose the name of the doctor
And the Hospital's name..
But I choose not to la...No point....
Are all doctors this insincere?

And can all doctors please buck up on their shitty writing?
I don't care if you have 500 surgeries to perform
or 1000 reports to write...! Get a secretary or something...
Your handwriting is so bad... that is a wonder anybody can read em.!!
what if the dispensaries gave us the wrong medication?
are you going to be responsible? geeze....
Doctors wtf -_-

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Monday, September 29, 2008
WTH Hungry HTW

WTH...its 1.15 am and I just finished my Offer and Acceptance notes....
And I am feeling hungry....
Man....What I would give for some

1) Indo Mee Goreng
2) Telur Setengah Masak 2 biji
3) Roti Empat Segi
4) Milo Ice
5) Yin Yang Kong Fu Chow
6) Nasi Lemak Biasa
7) Curry Mee

I shouln't have eaten Ban Mee just now...not filling at all wtf.......
Now I am so hungry....blardy betul.....
RAWRRRR......(At this point....this blogger is a goner....Hey it rhymes!~)

Kla~ sleep better....
Sleep helps one to forget about food wth -_-
But I want Curry riceeeee.... Suddenly only got this craving...

sienz...Anybody wanna bring me out for curry rice?
Since my car still enjoying it's "massage" at the workshop?

sienz... Night la wtf

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Saturday, September 27, 2008
omgWTH Pictures and Tipz HTWgmo

Right so...
I promised you guyz some
Crushalicious pictures right?

Here they are...have fun smirking
zzzz suey suey suey!

Not as bad as it looks I guess =/
Backdoor cannot close liao lor.... (I hope they took my car in the garage and not outside)
If raining than gone case la....
Okie man...my car was worse than his lor wth....(he knocked me but his damage is wtf -_-)
His bumper hangin' low....geeze.....

Aish sad memories sia...wth....-_-

Thank God no demerit for me...but rm250 flew out the window like that... zzzzz

Tips for people who got into accidents..
1) Always Always Always have someone in mind (a good friend preferably a guy)
2) Call the fella let the fella know (also preferably if he has a car and is always free)
3) For serious case... NEVER EVER let people tow your car.
4) Tell them you already called your tow guy
5) If possible settle outside police la ( police station mah fan)
6) Always have a contact for tow car....Maybe not AAM...but some local guyz who knows the police station at the back of their hand
7) They can help you cancel out demerit and get some discounts.
8) If damage is too bloody high like mine... wth just report la.. but let your parents know first
9) IF its NOT worth the NCD...don't report -_-

Again...always have a good friend who is damn free and always have a car...
Thank God for Kenneth hahahahaaha sorry for mentioning your name dude..
And Thank God for Joon Wye who was there just in case shit happens...
And sorry to Wei Shin for the scrapped elbow hahaha..

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Friday, September 26, 2008

okie la..simple msg..

Stop emo-ing everyone...
Cuz it causes the birds to go wowo
why i say wowo?
cuz i wanna make rhyme so so..

so stop the emoz =D


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To ******* *** ***** ***

To _________________

You know who you are man....
What I can say is...that person hurt you damnnnnnnnnn bad
Man what can I say....
You have your views... I have mine... They have theirs.. She has hers.. He has his..
But in the end...I kinda understand that that person did the particular act
Until the wound doesn't seem to heal.

There is no better way to say this
All is fair in love and war
No such thing as unfair.
because if their is such thing as unfair
Alot of people will think it is unfair.
how to account to 3/4 of the population of the world
who has gone through this unfairness?
how do we repair it?
The only solution is to
Strengthen your mental defence
Forget NOT the person.. but forget the acts...

More specifically Forget her actions!
Forget everything
to the point that you can see each other in the streets
and not feel gam gai and can say hi each other without a grudge.
Only than, you are healed.

You still hold the scar dude... let it go.
past is past... exorcise the ghost of the past..
Easier said that done.
I am not you and will never be you..
And you probably heard this advice a few million times from me..
And I can see that you tried..
but dude..not good enough..try harder!!

Forget third party, 4th party,
forget fairness to you and me... even unfair is fair in love and war..
Who can talk about fair when Malaysia decide to go war with USA?

What? can malaysia say... since we dont have nuclear...
Don't use nuclear since it will be unfair?
what will the americans do?
They still go and bomb the Fck out of us with nuclear and a bombs right?

dude get over it..
what we can do is support as we can...
reprimand when there is a need..

ill support you dude..you know i will..
but i will reprimand you if you are wrong..
and i hope you do the same for me..
advice from you to me would be nice..
and i hope you can appreciate the advise from me too..

only when you can see her on the streets
and say hi....yet walk away smiling...
Only than are you healed..

before that?
you are not..

p/s----> thats my view lol...i may be wrong -_-

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008
I am an Ass

I am an ass....

To be updated later when I have the mood...zzzzz

Problem settled jor...so now got mood to tell the story..

hmm it all happened yesterday -_-
We all decided to go for extra curricular activity after college
Bowling sponsored by college...
Sponsored you know... Don't care 5-10 games also college pay
Giler also will go la right?

So anyway.... everything was alright de...going there....
Then we reach Vegas Carpark....however fate has it..only got 1 more space for my friend
So I reversed to go back to the Times Square Carpark.. (Not the Stateside Times Square hor)

That time my mind damn blur....
Dahlah no space for me...damn bengang jor..
So thinking of the fastest way to the carpark..
Then at the traffic light junction..

I know deep inside me..and even my brain screaming logic..
But yet my body didn't listen..
Man... have you guyz ever felt it?
When your mind tell something else..
yet your body respond differently..

Like got something move my hands (choi choi~)
But that was how it was....
So there I was turning right
And my mind kept screaming bloody murder....

but too late liao....as I turned... a green Camry (an old one)
okie la actually its just bishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that kinda sound..

Like matrix sia.....everything was slow mo~
hmmm but thank God la... it was an uncle..
A very friendly one too... around 60+ years old..
and he is Hakka...haha so I admitted wrong...
(damn proud of myself) cuz I admit my mistake..

and the uncle was friendly la....
So kinda lucky....
but the damage was too high to settle outside..
We decided to report police..

Completed everything today.. abit lega la..

But still guilty to my parents..
My dad specifically told me not to go anywhere after class
And i went Times Square...
And its like fated sia....

At first i asked my mum to fetch me ..but she said she following my dad..
In the end...my dad say I can take the car
And that carpark only having left 1 space...
Its soooo fated..don't you think?
Maybe it is some evil spirit...I don't know

Damn suey sia....
So I am gonna say a big big sorry again!
for the millionth time...
I know i am suppsoed to be responsible..
but this kinda thing happened -_-

siall laaaa.... >.<

so my conclusion is...keep a straight mind while driving..
Don't think of the fastest route...
Think before acting..control your arms..
Lesson well learnt -_-

p/s- Pictures to follow reallll sooon -_-

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I am an Ass

I am an ass....

To be updated later when I have the mood...zzzzz

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Emo Randomz -_-

そしてもっと探して 目の前に気付いて
明日はきっと風向きも 変わるように
風がそっとささやく 蠢くのはこの大地
迷わないでやさしさ 見えてくるように

なくても (はね)はなくても
よりく みにけたなら…
むのは を を…

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Monday, September 22, 2008
By Faith

I have faith that this will turn out to be a mistake.
I have faith that this is not what it looks like.
Its not even confirmed...
Humans are humans... They tend to make mistakes.
Even if they didn't....
I have faith that God will make everything alright.
God will lead us through
And by Faith We Will Go Through This Together!

Psalms 91 : 14 -16
Because he has loved Me,
Therefore I will deliver him
I will set his foot securely on high
Because he has known my name

He will call upon Me
And I will answer him
I will be with him in trouble
I will rescue him
and honor him

With a long life I will satisfy him
And let him behold My salvation

Psalm 91: 2
I will say unto the Lord
"My refuge and my fortress
My God, in whom I trust!"

I hold You to this promise...

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Dedicated to Wei Shin


After 5 days of slacking off...I am back!!
Haha...2nd week of class ( or is it 3rd?)
Criminal's gotten exciting
Contract...same old same old
And I dote on Public Law!!!
CLR on the other hand...hmmm..b.o.r.r.i.n.g


Anyway Enough of the study stuffs...
Today we celebrated Wei Shin's Birthday
Thats right... Happy birthday to you idiot -_-

Hahaha oh man did we toture the idiot well hahaha
We made him think that we celebrate his birthday in the afternoon
However the afternoon cake wasn't for him and I guess he felt dissapointed haha
It wasn't plan...but we played along
So we told him the cake wasn't for him but it was for another girl (which is true la)
And boy was he dissapointed -_-

His expression changed from =D to =/ =/ =(
hahahaha But we made it up to him in the evening
A Huge Choco Banana Cake from Secret Recipe..
Damn ouch for the wallet sia....

but anyhow... HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEI SHIN!!!

Seriously...be sang seng lor don't like small kid liao -_-

But having said that
There are a few things which I can relate to him hahaha

1) Anime ( I used to feed him spoilers haha but now he also read the manga..so no fun jor)
2) Shopping (gawd...I <3 shopping if I have the $$)
3) eh...no more jor.... -_-

But dude..glad to know you man..
so this post is dedicated to you...
Happy or not? Don't Kembang la lol!

No class tomorrow.. waiting for new drama to be out...
hmmm no more crazy chase drama dy cuz im following 1 ep everyday =D

Till next time then =D

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Something is missing somewhere...



I can't figure out what is missing....

Deng... I give up...
Man......there is something that I have not done..

BUT WHATTTTT???~!!!!!! zzzzzzzzz

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Moonlight Resonance 溏心風暴之家好月圓

Good Drama =D

Very recommended to watch.
Promotes good family values
And lotsa crying from my favorite Linda Chung Ka Yan @_@

If you guyz are interested on watching
You can stream it/Download from


Whatcha waiting for?
Go watch it...
Definite Addiction coming your way =D

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An Angel

I think I saw an Angel today...

Sigh.... Too bad that Angel is on the net >.<
God can be so unfair sometimes
But most of the time He is fair.
Its not everytime we see
Brains+Beauty+Looks+Body in one whole package
oh man but still
Although I've only seen her in the internet..

But im 80% sure she has got the full package =D
Lucky guy whoever gets to own her =o

hahahaa oh btw Kenneth....
I still think

WX>BBV Big Big Big time!!! =D


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Im bored....
Its 2am
Just finished catching up with politics
Guess what am I gonna do next? =D

sleep -_-

darn... starting Wednesday...no more car to go college....
Sigh...gotta wake up earlier to get to college in time now...
Sad case... Wish I have a second hand Satria 1.6 or something.
At least not so cham la -_-

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Saturday, September 13, 2008
Don’t fear a dying beast’s last strike, but don’t fall for its ruse either

Viveg commented at 12.59am : Situation in Bukit Mertajam is quite tense. Just came back from BM police station. Received call from friend that people in Raja Uda, Butterworth (Chinese area) are extremely angry. Went to the Berapit Kampung Baru to see a friend and he informed me that the mood is the same. They know where to push the people to make them angry. Please help put up a post to calm down the people as Malaysia Today, People’s Parliament and Malaysiakini has the widest coverage. I just don’t want the people to walk into the trap they have set.

abu sayap commented at 1.18am : I would like to call upon all Malaysians to do these:

1. Remain calm

2. Do not do anything rash

3. Do not take to the street

4. Do not be instigated by people to demonstrate

5. Just voice it out in your blog, your comments to the blogs, and inform your friends and relatives about the situation

6. Call your Aduns or MPs and voice out your objection about these arrests and urge your representatives to voice out

7. Members of political parties, sms your leaders to pressure them to voice out

We shall object to these draconian acts by using civility and do not fall into the traps of giving the big brother a chance to declare emergency rule……

Viveg’s got every reason to be concerned and abu sayap’s advice is spot on.

Read more at http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/2008/09/13/dont-fear-a-dying-beasts-last-strike-but-dont-fall-for-its-rouse-either/

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Friday, September 12, 2008
1 Week

1 Week of Studies...

Hurts my head like crapz -_-
Anyway.. Was fun being back in class again
Stakes are higher than ever now
Lol Tomorrow is Rou Yi's Birthday

Happy 19th Birthday girl!!

And ouch on my wallet This week

Ja~ random posting..


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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Its rare for me to blog on politics
But recently What Ahmad Ismail (yes I am sure you all know him) said.
Got me thinking.
If all Chinese and Indians were to leave the country... what would happen to Malaysia?
Wait, without us... THERE WONT BE MALAYSIA!
So anyway What IF?

The economy will go all the way to Hell.
That I can say for sure.
Ahmad Ismail oh Ahmad Ismail
Are you Dumb or just plain stupid?

You own a Penthouse and a posh bungalow which is being torn down
To make way for an even bigger one.
While your fellow Malaysians (notice I don't just say Malay)
Is living in a simple Hut.

IMO you should just shut the hell up
Don't create so much ruckus
Enjoy your life
Enjoy your wealth while you still can

You did not speak on behalf of all Malaysians
Including our Malay friends whom you claim to champion
Dude... If you really have the Malays at heart

Why don't you sell off everything you have now and give them to the poor?
Forget it.. No need to give.. Just take out some cash
Pay for families who are too poor to send their children to school, colleges, universities
I challenge you to do that
Then only you can CLAIM to shitty champion the Malays

Before that, I think its best you shut up and leave us all alone in peace
We have enough shitty problems with fuel prices and and everything
No need for you to add to our troubles.
Oh b.t.w I'm one of those who wants to leave the country for good btw..
But however I still love Malaysia and I still want to give it a chance

Don't change my mind again.
Don't push us OVER OUR LIMIT as you say.
It's okay if you don't want to apologize
We Malaysians have heard enough of you
We have also tolerated a lot to care anyway
Its the norm for us now
So how is it different now?
Please just shut up?
And leave us alone

And lets see the economy fall straight to the bottom of Hell
I can assure you
It doesn't take a genius at Economics to figure it out
I am sure with your overseas degree you can understand
However if you can't
Who can you blame?
You are a brainless Monkey!

Btw Don't talk about pendatang haram.
We Malaysians are all pendatang haram
The Orang Asli in this country IS THE ORIGINAL People of this land
For all I know you could be from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand
Or India, OR China, America, England, Australia
Seriously I could care less You can come from Hell For all I care
But As people under Malaysia.
Please let us try to live harmoniously

For all Ahmad Ismail Wannabe Apes
4 Words
Go To The Zoo!

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Saturday, September 6, 2008
To my Dear Old Dad

It has been 19 long years
That you, my dad
Ever so faithful
Taking care of me

From when I was a tiny baby
To now, a rebellious teenager
I guess I have to admit
I do take on some of my parents traits

Starting a challenge
Never wanting to loose
Always wanted to be first
Emerging as champions

However, I know
Recently we have strained a little
And now that God has tested me,
I am not ready to say that I am better off
Without my Dear old Dad.... (yet)

I beg you now
Let us start over again
And try to talk to each other again
Forgetting the past and moving on

I think deeply
That is indeed what God wants
And it will make Him glad
To see us happy with each other again.

I know this poem sucks
And it doesn't rhyme
But hey its from my heart

I pray that God will heal your body
And take the pain away.

From me:

Get well soon Dear Old Dad
And happy early birthday in advance
May God's presence be with you
And I pray that He will send
My guardian angels to protect you from harm

p/s: I need to work hard on getting my poems to rhyme zzzzz

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

After bombing the hell out of them today they finally released my cheque XD
Haha I've got managers and supervisors running all over the place for my cheque
What can I say, I found out that it was a mistake on their part
That they did not complete the Checklist ON THEIR PART

Wheee... It was fun.. but I am sorry I troubled some of them
I guess certain Malaysian Culture will never die off
Even in a Global Conglomerate Company.
All I ever wanted was a simple assurance that they will bank in for me
And keep me updated you see...
That's all I ask.
I did not ask for the destruction of the world or something.
But before this they did not even assure me that its noted or anything
Now that they've assured me I am a happy boy

Ja~ Now for my August OT... I certainly hope they remember

Anyhow, Just came back from Cell group
Glad to see Andy and Jason there ^-^
Now gonna continue sleeping and sleeping
And get ready for First Day of Degree wheeee
Gonna be tough but I know I can handle it

Shopping scheduled for next week wheeeee
Happy happy days ahead...

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008
Dumbos in High Places...

Sickening... is all I could say...They held my damn salary for another day again
After consulting my Mum, the next practical step would be to call them.
Then after that I will go to ING and find the boss whoever that is..

This has really test my patience..
For a multinational company, they are kinda pathetic.

The question here would be..
What IF:
1) i need the cash urgent to save a life?
2) to pay my college fees?
3) to pay off my loans etc.

How then are they going to compensate me for these? if my salary were to go into use for this?
I don't know if other contractual staff faces the same problem with them.
But this time they mess with the wrong person..
I am educated (thank God) and I am fully aware of my rights (bad for them)
Hopefully they will settle everything by tomorrow.

Having said that, I will probably only get my cash on Monday due to the need to bank in cheques and stuffs. This is why i insisted on taking the cheque on Friday itself..

But nooo.. the stupid boss has to be busy saving the world on that day..

I wanna chop her head off grrrrrr

shopping pleasure>pure sadness T-T

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

After so much (or too little) of praising for ING

Time for the bad news.
They Frigging delayed my Salary until Tomorrow after the Payroll Executive
Promised that they will bank in for me Today! Tuesday! 2/09/08!
WTEFF right? Where can like that one?

For a company of that status its bad image and publicity for them now.
Lets look at the chronology of events.

27/08/08- Staff Salary should be out
31/08/08-Contract Staff salary out (me)

But due to some crazy over the moon kinda procedures,
They say will hold salary till checklist is completed.
For those who don't know what checklist,
Its actually a Frigging long list of names which you have to climb
Up and down to get signatures.
(Don't ask me for what..beats me)

Never mind, since I work there I decided to give face.
However lets look at what they said.
They will "HOLD" the salary.
What does this imply?
That they should get the cheque signed first!
And HOLD it!
But noooo... the Payroll Exec won't do it.

Never mind la... I give face. So she said will bank in on Tuesday.
Means today la!
But a simple email check with her resulted with me bombarded
With the news that the stupid boss was not around.
So she can't get the cheque signed.....again...
(Oh..the main reason for the delay before this was also due to the boss having meeting)
WTEFF right?

Now they say will do it tomorrow...
I'm wondering if really tomorrow they will bank in or not.
Does this start to sound typically Malaysian to you all?
Nevermind la... I can still wait although it might interfere with my
Original plans.

But what made me mad was their procedure.
Knowing that 31st (my official resignation date effect)
August is a Sunday, and Monday would be a public holiday,
Can't the stupid boss (whoever that is) take 1 minutes or less
To sign the stupid cheque on Thursday? (btw, I've tendered my resignation on Monday 25th)
They have ample time to sign it, its not like i wanna run away with their computers
or anything.. Please la -_- even my lauya laptop can run faster than your CPU -_-
Are they really that busy ah?
What are they governing a country?

Alot of you might say, you are but a lowly contract staff.
What bargaining powers to do you have?
hahaa simple answer.
Being a lowly contract staff and havin signed the necessary documents,
Officially makes me their worker and thus giving me rights..
I DO have the right to bring this matter to the Tribunal Court in Malaysia
It is stated that a Wage should be paid full in a month
No more no less. (unless bonuses or some reward)
In a month mind you.

And so here we are,
I've completed their checklist and eager to grab my salary today
So I can go shopping on Thursday.
But oh well.. when shit hits the fan, shit flies -_-

And here we have ING, a global conglomerate..
Doesn't reflect well does it?
Among others, un-reviewed Salary for Contractual Staffs
Since the last 10 or so years.
How can contractual workers survive in view of current inflation
as well as price hikes?
But other than that, they treat their full timers fairly well.
Then all the contract staff die lor? What about those, like me
who just need to work 3 months?
(btw, they are really short of hands right now so contractual workers
like myself are really important hehe bangga sial)

But really, I've received an e-mail from my former supervisor,
she said that she is drowning in her work without my help (seriously)
What I am trying to say is, Contractual workers ARE as IMPORTANT
as Full time workers. Basically the company can't afford to hire
everybody as an Admin Support or Supervisor can they?

Anyhow, We shall see if they really will bank in my salary tomorrow or not
Really dissapointed at their procedures and rednecks.
I'm not hoping big since they might bank in the cheque
and thus will cause another delay of maybe 2 days.

No shopping till Friday I guess )=

Things they should do
1) review salaries (Taylor's Economic Man Theory)
2) break down structures that causes rednecks and dissatisfaction amongst workers

not much huh? could be done easily

Meanwhile... Cross your fingers and hope that they will bank in tomorrow
And that the stupid boss wont end up skinny dipping somewhere
Causing another stupid delay for me.
If I ever find out who that boss is, I'll give her a piece of my mind.
Don't mess with a future lawyer -_-

p/s- If only I wrote like that for my Business Studies A levels exams -_-

pp/s- updated look at when people are getting paid internationally!
Since ING is global, I'm measuring them on the same yardstick

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