Saturday, June 25, 2011
In Loving Memory of Tiffie

Hello all,

I’ve just lost my baby girl Tiffie today

(Actually at this very moment as I am posting this since it is my girlfriend who is bringing her to the vet-> why? Please read on)

She was just 1 year and 9 months old when she departed us

She was the bravest pup I’ve ever known, fighting against a myriad of disease and sickness before succumbing to a condition known as Congenital Heart Disease”

I say she was the bravest also because there is a short story behind it and if you guys don’t mind, I’d like to account it here because I want her to be remembered

2 Nights ago, she was fighting for her life and she almost “left” us

Her pupils were dilated and her limbs were rigid and straight

All signs pointing to the fact that she is leaving us

However, after a few moments she suddenly acquired a surge of energy.

My girlfriend and I thought maybe it was the final lease of energy before she “leaves” us.

However she did not go and naturally my girlfriend and I were confused and not to mention sad

Seeing her go through this kind of pain and yet she was so stubborn and refusing to let go although we told her that it’s alright to go.

My girlfriend thinks that maybe there were some things left that she hasn’t done.

(In Chinese culture, we believe that when a person has not done something his/her heart desires so badly, they couldn’t leave)

It then occurred to me that since I was studying overseas, I have not seen my little girl for 9 months now.

I felt guilty as hell and cried like a baby.

And today we decided to end it for her because we really do not want her to suffer anymore

It was the toughest decision we ever made so far

And it was worse for my girlfriend because she has to do it since I was overseas

But we both know it is for the better and this was necessary so that our little one will not have to suffer anymore

She was young, brave, courageous, naughty and cuddlesome all bundled into 1 joyous bundle.

This is her story. This is our Tiffie, our brave little tiger.

**note: Yes I do still feel really guilty for making her wait for me, and the fact that I couldn’t be there till her very end shreds me to pieces. I really hope I can get through this.
I know for a fact that there will not be a single day I won’t think about my little bundle of joy.

I hope my girlfriend and I will get through this and hopefully we will find it in our hearts to share the love that we have given to little Tiffie with another one (=

**Here is a short video that I’ve made in her memory (=

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Ho Hum

Praying for the best..
Anything and everything


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Thursday, June 16, 2011
Operation Malaysia

Yes Bring em down...
This is the Rakyat taking actions into their own hands!
We will not be intimidated

Civil Disobedience at its best
If Anonymous wants to reveal information
Please reveal information of those in power!
That's the only way to bring them down to Ground Zero

We are Legion, For we are Many
We are Anonymous because none of us are as cruel as all of us

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Update page :Operation Malaysia Updates

Information on Anonymous
Anonymous (Group) Wiki

That is what you get when you oppress the people
People retaliate using whichever means available to them
All across Middle East the people power has been proven time and time again

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Get Well Soon Baby...
I'll be home soon so please stay strong!
You owe me a choke slam so get well soon!
I'm missing you much!


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Saturday, June 11, 2011
Whats Up?

What's up with dumb people spamming Facebook with 3 bloody accounts nowadays?

Take this for example


I don't get it..
What is the point of having 3 accounts with the same people as your previous account?
Are you just too free or something?

Or what about introductions like this


It's like saying..
"Ohay, I've just reached sweet 14 and started my puberty.. Please come rape me"

And I do understand the need to have few close friends listed as your bros or sis..
Heng dai Ji mui... I geddit I geddit.. but having 30 of them kinda defeats the purpose...

And finally we have idiots who put themselves as public figures
Such as this


Public Figure?
Don't remember you being a Parliamentarian, Artiste, or whatever
You're a nobody.... face it..
If you wanna be a somebody and a public figure.. then start doing something!
Go be a fashion model or whatever.. till then you're no public figure

I rest my case...
Asshats takin' over Facebook since teh age of Friendster

Peace Out ya'll

**Names and identity has been mosaicked
- to prevent them from being subjects of ridicule..
- I have nothing against them.. just wanted to use them as examples as to how vain people can get

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8am-9pm work on weekdays
10am-4pm study on Saturday
12pm-4pm study on Sunday

Add in tutorials on weekday nights..

That pretty much sums up my next 1 year..
So yes... FML


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Monday, June 6, 2011

It sucks to see something falling apart right in front of you
Knowing that you can't do anything at all
Worse is that the person does not plan to make it any easier for you

The end is nearing..
The curtains are waiting to be drawn
What have I got to lose but everything?

Lesson #1 if you're not careful you will be burnt
Lesson #2 always follow your gut feeling
Lesson #3 fuck this shit


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