Friday, November 27, 2009
PC Performance

PC Performance at 60%
[#######60% ]
Still Some Stuffs To Download and Install
Screw You Microsoft..
GTH With You And Your Updates!


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Tuesday, November 24, 2009
To Do List

Future Assignments

Come On Josiah...
Do Something!
Anything! D=
Don't Wait Till February!


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Saturday, November 21, 2009
Bangkok Trip 2009

The Journey Began One Cold Morning
On The 16th Of November 2009
It was a cold Monday Morning
Everyone was getting up for another Monday morning rush hour
But we were getting ready to go to Bangkok for a holiday

We were all supposed to fly on the same flight
But due to somebody's mistake,
Joon Wye and I ended up going an hour earlier
Margaret and Rou Yi took the flight which was after ours

It was drizzling when we boarded

Cap'n We're Takin' Off =D

Blue Blue Sky

When We Reached
Naturally the first thing we do is to find lunch
Yum Yum
Because we had to wait for Rou Yi and Margaret
We had to eat in the airport
(They were late for 2 Hours I believe)
Air Asia as famous as ever for their Delays -_-

We were surprised however
We found a really cheap meal

Guess how much for this with mineral water?
Only RM7 = THB 65
For a meal in the airport
It was really reasonable

When the girls FINALLY arrived
We took a cab to our hotel
Myhotel (I think its the same chain of hotel with the hotel that sprung up next to BAC)
The interior was not bad
Quite spacious and clean

Plasma TV!
So the girls didn't have their lunch
So we went down to find some food

Cheap! Only TBH 35
If you ignore the cleanliness
Its quite delicious =p

Us In Bangkok!

And Of Course
We can't miss the "Tuk-Tuk" ride while in Bangkok!
Crazy Drivers I must say -_-

Well while the girls went to Tiger Temple located at Kanchanaburi
We went for a walk at the shopping centers in Bangkok
One of it: Siam Paragon
That was the 2nd day

On the 3rd day
We visited the floating market, Elephant Village and the Grand Palace

Joon Wye and I on the boat

Margaret and Rou Yi

We met this lovely Egyptian couple on their honeymoon =p
They were very friendly

Rou Yi And I

Margaret and I

Rou Yi and Margaret

The Elephant o.O
The Baby Elephant was really cute

Us again at a Wood Sculpting workshop

We reached the Grand Palace around 2pm plus
(Time in Thailand seems to slow down alot -___-)
Looking good eh?
I wish I had my sister's DSLR @_@

Us at the Palace =D

A mix of Thai and Western Influence

Where the Emerald Buddha was placed

Merry Christmas ^^

We Went Home with this many luggage

Thats about it
Too lazy to upload the rest of the pictures ^^
It was fun and enjoyable
Encountered some hiccups along the planning period
But the idea is to go and have fun
And we had fun ^^
Soooo Mission Accomplished!

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Its two days since I came home from Bangkok
Gonnna blog about the trip when I find the energy to do it
Its like everybody says
I think I need another Holiday to recover from this one
It was tiring but fun
Stay tune for pictures and fun stories lol

Meanwhile a quick update
Spent a day with Baby cuz she missed me too much hehe
Went to watch A Christmas Carol 3D

Actually 3D or not, It doesn't make much difference
The movie was good
Funny and lots of morals about Christmas and Giving
Damn I want Christmas So Bad now -_-

Then we decided to watch another movie called Ninja

Another good one
(Its not Ninja Assassin btw, Thats a different movie)
So much blood!
Yummmmy =D
But seriously...
This is how a Ninja Movie ought to be
Full of blood and cool martial art scenes
Ben Stiller did a really good job IMO
He really can act in all kinds of movies @_@
This movie Reminds me of Rurouni Kenshin OVA the Prequel

Gonna watch Ninja Assassin Starred by Rain
Then I can compare it
(I promise I won't let my hatred for Rain influence my opinion =p)
Well thats about it =p
Bangkok Trip Update is next (=

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009
My Laptop Is Dying )=

My Laptop is actually dying )=
Everything is slowing down
Speed is bleeding
Everything is just lagging bad
Its time to scout for a new one..
Time to get one before end of January Next Year
*prays hard

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Thursday, November 5, 2009
Of Phobias and OH BLUENESS!!!

Today started like any other day
Woke up slightly late
Brought the dog out
Went to class
And Oh-So-Interesting-Equity and Trust

Got pissed a little at Baby Girl
Made up
And guess what?

Baby bought it for me
Thankies so Muchie Baby Girl (=

Love ya much

Not only that
She got ourselves free movie pass for

Phobia 2
All Thanks to Nuffnang!
Yes we Love you too Nuffie!
Now give me the Dell Inspiron 13!

JK =3

P/s: Before you watch Phobia 2..
I just wanna say that this movie is CRAZY!!!!!!!
I mean its just pure nuts
Carnage, horror, scary, I-dont-know-what-else-lmao
I nearly pee-ed in my pants wtf -_-
Man.. I have to say this is one of the best horror movies yet...
Beats all the rest a.t.m =/

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tons of trips this month
Just can't wait

7th-8th Nov- Genting With Family

16th-19th Nov- Bangkok With College Mates


okay fine..
So maybe its just two trips
But they are fun okay!

Come On Time Pass Faster Plz! D=

O And I Miss Christmas Terribly
Just one of those seasons that I love @_@

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